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toyoungtobeananna Fri 08-Feb-13 06:40:29

I was also a lone parent despite being in a relationship. Although my ex now, He was a lot of fun and taught her alot of things, But He never went out of his way for her. (ie picking her up from school, dropping her at a friends house etc) and because she wasn't his, I didnt expect him to. I felt as tho I had 2 completely different relationships in the 1 house. I was always a mum first and foremost. She was and still is the reason I breath. And her safety was the reason I left him. She is now 16 and I have a new man in my life that I feel completely at ease with. I wish you luck in your journey through this life. God doesnt give you more than you can handle.

foihnula Wed 30-Jan-13 08:45:47

Hi there smile I've been a lone parent from pregnancy onwards (DS is now 2). Also have a bf who isn't my DS's dad but is easy going with the situation. Sorry to hear about such a sudden bereavement.

honey86 Sun 27-Jan-13 09:45:11

i thought id post my intro here as i was a lone parent for 4 years... ive got a bf but he isnt my childrens dad..
im 26 i have 3 children, one of whome is severely autistic. i have high functioning autism . i have 2 boys and a girl who will all be in school full time soon. i became a lone parent after their dad suddenly died at work at xmas four years ago... i have a bf but he has no ties with my kids. im a lone parent to them but in a relationship. if that makes sense.

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