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PR, Visitation & CAFCASS

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MummyPrincess2 Fri 18-Jan-13 23:09:14

I've got a solicitor on the case atm; he keeps changing solicitors so its hard for me to even make a response to anything he is claiming against me. He seems to think that the more he harrasses me that I will back down and hand my child over.
He has called social services on me, makes me out to be an unfit parent as well as having Post natal depression.
The closer the court date gets and the more letters he sends via different solicitors; is making me worry even though I dont think I have been doing a bad job of raising my DD and neither do social services as I have had many visits from his false claims!
The court action / judges decisions are really worrying me. A stranger who has never met my child could just come along and make a decision that will affect her life; giving him acess with how his behaviour is at the moment would damage DD emotionally and almost certainly physically.
I'm not saying he can never see DD, he needs to see that DD comes first; I am now nothing to do with him.

SolidGoldFrankensteinandmurgh Fri 18-Jan-13 22:48:06

Have you talked to WOmen's Aid at all? They might be able to recommend a decent solicitor if you don't have one already. Given the amount of evidence of this man's abusive behaviour, it's very unlikely that he will get unsupervised access, and it might even be possible to get some sort of order in place preventing him from launching court actions against you when he is clearly doing so to harass you rather than build a relationship with DD.

MummyPrincess2 Fri 18-Jan-13 22:01:12

Hi, this is my first post; sorry if it comes out all wrong!
Me and DD's dad are currently going through court.
I had an injunction/prohib steps against him as he tried to snatch DD. We then tried to re-concile for DD's sake; he begun seeing DD every other weekend supervised contact; to which he never changed, fed or met any of her basic needs he just looked at her and carried her about! Once again he attempted to snatch her so I was then granted a 2nd injunction. He is now going around town abusing me publically; text abuse, facebook abuse you name it hes doing it! Saying he has proof that I am a liar to get the injunction taken down & that I am using DD as a weapon
I understand DD needs a dad but he is in no way stable / able to take care of a baby; DD is 11 mnths old; He just wants to parade her around like a dolly ..... My Ex-MIL (if you can call her that as we was never married) likes to interfer says I trapped her son & is he even DD's dad, has attempted to beat me up once before; tried to aid him in the 2 attempted snatchings of my DD, all of which have been reported to the Police. His whole family are unstable to take care of a child.
He is now attempting to get PR & Custody of DD. This is all after he has told CSA he is not her dad & telling myself that he is not her dad! Has anyone had anything similar or had dealings with CAFCASS. Does anyone know what the likelyhood is of him getting visitaion unsupervised? The length of time this takes etc? If he does have his so called 'proof' does this change anything as the judge knew we tried to re-concile when the 2nd injunction was issued.
How much influence does CAFCASS have on visitation/the judges decision?
What happens if I go against the Court Order at any time?
Any help on this situation would be very helpful :-) TIA

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