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please tell me its not just me.

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turnedexgay Tue 08-Jan-13 13:16:37

Since yesterday I have discovered that this same doctor told a friends husband that he should come back in a few weeks if he didn't feel any better when he told her he was hearing voices that were telling him to kill his wife. I suspect she's simply a crap doctor but its still a worry for her to make such a fuss and send us to hospital and everything!

I'm seeing my actually GP on Friday and will get him to check DD and ask him to record the examination so that it isn't only what this woman has said that's on her record and I will be checking her when she gets home from her dads.

blackeyedsusan Mon 07-Jan-13 22:38:34

ds has pooed in his sleep and has had a very sore bottom on waking. a few bleedy spots. it can happen quite quickly.

however, you are now going to have to check your dd when she comes home, even if he has put her to bed. you are going to hve to treat fo nappy rash, even though you should not have to as he is supposed to be an adult parent too... unfortunately, sometimes you can not leave it to the other parent..

FannyBazaar Mon 07-Jan-13 20:40:22

My DS had really bad nappy rash which would come and go very quickly and sometimes he was raw and bleeding. It was treated with barrier creams, no rushing to hospital, that seems bizarre to me. No one ever questioned me, I was still with DS's father some of that time but the nappy rash also occurred when he was at nursery.

turnedexgay Mon 07-Jan-13 17:26:38

My two DD spent a lot of last week with their dad, they came home to sleep and went out again first thing in the morning.

He had them new years eve but they were with me new years day, I noticed on new years day that DD2 who is still in nappies, had a bit of a rash around her bottom area and I mentioned it to him when he picked them up the next day. I didn't change a nappy all week, he got them dressed when he got here and put them to bed at night, I assumed the rash had gone or that he would have taken her to the doctor's. So today they are with me, holidays over back to the normal routine, and I was shocked to find that DD2 was bleeding and the whole of her bottom/genital area is red raw.

So I rang the GP, begged for an appointment and took her in only to be faced with questions about why I hadn't taken her before and why she was being neglected. I answered them and said the kids hadn't been with me and I'd brought her as soon as I could but she was referred to the hospital and I have spent all day trying to prove that I don't neglect my kids. My GP, who was actually off work today ended up ringing up the hospital and explained the situation and I was allowed to leave but please tell me I'm not the only person who has had their kids returned in a not good state and had to face difficult questions and was it all ok afterwards or did you have more trouble?

Obviously they won't be spending much time with their dad until he can be a better parent but am I going to come out of this with a record against me?

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