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Salary deduction not paid to CSA

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NotaDisneyMum Fri 04-Jan-13 10:02:52

My ex pays maintenance to the CSA via salary deduction - his choice.

Last month, although his employers deducted from his end of Nov pay packet they didn't pay it over to the CSA - due to Xmas, apparently!

I've incurred bank charges because the money wasn't there - but the CSA say I can't claim these off ex's employer even though it was their mistake/decision.

I think it's worth writing to them and asking - and wondered if anyone else been in this situation?

mumandboys123 Fri 04-Jan-13 10:26:24

to be honest, I think the person who has been technically 'wronged' here is your ex as it is he who has the direct relationship with the money, the employer and the CSA! I guess there is no harm in asking but I wouldn't expect anything to come of it.

Your ex, however, if you are on good terms, should be looking at his position from a legal point of view. I have heard of at least one case where the CSA received no money for years, with no contact between PWC and NRP there was no way of either side knowing that the employer should have been paying, but wasn't. When the company went bankrupt, the issue came to light as the CSA sent the NRP a huge billl for money he thought he had paid. The debt remains the NRP's because the money hasn't been paid, even though he has evidence (payslips) that he never received that money in the first place. It is not acceptable that a company behaves in this way - although of course they can argue it was a genuine mistake.

And of course, there is the argument that you can't rely on child maintenance money as part of your income given that you have no control over it or your ex!

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