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Yours kids are not just for Xmas!

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Ladylou83 Sat 29-Dec-12 08:00:43

If you need an actor/participant for the 'crappy' dad role can I please suggest stbxh??? He would play this part very naturally, as quite frankly he is shite at seeing dd, yet demands her over Xmas.

Theydeserve Fri 28-Dec-12 20:58:46

Do you think we could get someone to sponsor a TV ad circa the one the dog homes do at Xmas - saying a dog is not just for Xmas and then you throw out when bored -

but change it to be directed to the absent parent and say a child is not just for Xmas. ( male or female) who only manages to take a planned interest in their child for the few days over Xmas and their birthday.

There are another 360+ days per year that your child needs you too!!

My twunt EX has seen our DCS and had them for a sleep over on 8 days this year, contact is restricted to school pick up and leg it out of the house when new bird starts text abusing him to come home - so about 2.5 hrs twice per month. But come birthday, he wanted them the night before to wake up in his house with new partner and her kids and again he requested Xmas Eve and me have him half way through the afternoon Xmas Day. He got day time Xmas Eve and Boxing Day instead.

Am so pissed off as he played the whole you got them Xmas Day and it was not fair on me card, when I dropped them off on Boxing Day. She then bought them the same Xmas present that I had got for them aaaaaagh.

i have had the hardest yr of my life, twunt walked out having an affair with one of our family friends, my Mum was diagnosed with cancer and died, my sister diagnosed with cancer and I get my first Xmas hols without him, my Mum and my DCs. She died 6 weeks ago and apparently I need to move on!!! Oh and I forgot to mention - as my Mum died she claimed to be pregnant and not feeling well, so he was not around to support us, she texted him during the funeral and at the wake until he finally left early ( he loved my Mum) and then miraculously she had a miscarriage about 4 weeks after she passed away -

Deep breath and exhale.......

No one, say it can only get ....because whenever I thought that this year - it got worse!

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