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xbox 360 for 4.5 yr old?

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ankh Thu 27-Dec-12 16:39:19

So my ex decided to buy an xbox as a xmas present for our 4.5 yr old daughter. He called me to "consult" me on it and I told him that I believe she didn't need any gaming console at this age. I'm not against it entirely, I jut believe she's too young and if we can keep her away for longer from this kind of stuff, it would be better.

The other choice he had in mind was a tablet - I thought this one was much better, as she could watch cartoons on youtube, skype with grandma who lives overseas, play some educational games, listen to music, etc.

He ignored my comments and went ahead and bought the xbox.

Now, she lives with me most of the time. She also goes to school and then to childminder until 6:30pm every day. I believe the last thing she needs when she comes home tired is to play with an xbox. She is allowed to watch TV half an hour every day, but she doesn't always, just forgets about it, as we do other stuff around the house.

So I suggested to him that he keeps the xbox at his house and she plays during the weekends when she visits him (roughly every 2nd weekend). He went beserk and started accusing me that I'm selfish and narrow minded and I'm preventing my child from having fun.

Am I reasonable to suggest this, given the circumstances?

Imabadmum Thu 27-Dec-12 16:49:56

Yep absolutely, YANBU.

Try suggesting that it can be something that they do together to bond with, and that it will be a special treat for her for when she visits him. Explain that she really won't have time to use it on weekdays, which only leaves the weekends when she is at your house, and you'd really rather do other things with her.

It isn't unusual. All presents my XP has bought my dd (now 13) remain at his house, and over the years have included a sewing machine and a Nintendo wii. There have been a couple of exceptions, ie a watch and the odd item of clothing, but mostly gifts for her from him or his family stay at his house.

GuylianReindeer Thu 27-Dec-12 21:02:11

We have an x-box here, oldest DC is 5, no one ever shows any interest in it tbh. The DC's father plays a game on it with them when he visits but other than that it doesn't get turned on. I 'don't know how to use it' so there is no-one to show the DC's what to do.

I would stick it on the side next to the TV and forget about it. Or buy a dancing game that you could play together.

MissPricklePants Thu 27-Dec-12 21:07:28

All pressies my ex (well his mum!) get dd are kept at his house as I don't have the space and also to ensure she has something to play with on the occasions he decides to see her.

cestlavielife Thu 27-Dec-12 21:45:13

Just smile and put it ina a cupboard. Not worth stressing over he spent the money insisted you keep it so just keep it she might find some good games suitable when she older ?

ankh Fri 28-Dec-12 23:12:38

Thanks all.. he refuses to keep it at his place so I guess I'll have to keep it at mine...

brightwell Tue 01-Jan-13 08:05:13

You can always sign up for Netflicks or Lovefilm instant, and get some use out of it yourself.

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