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A Photo A day of Me and Mini Me

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hellobentleg Wed 26-Dec-12 21:22:11

I am a lurker on this forum. it is useful for help. I never think I can advise better than the people on here, maybe when Mini Me is Bigger I can ...

I have had a year with Mini Me and Me (just us plus friends and family)

and it is here, I hope you guys don't think it rude to think I would lurk and expect your praise I just thought it would be good at this time of year to show how great it is having Mini you's and how they grow and such forth.
It is candin, please excuse me.

Happy Holidays

Bentleg x

anniemak Wed 26-Dec-12 21:49:18

hello bentleg - this is a really good thing! thank you for sharing it and it looks like you and mini you have had a good year. Well done. What's the music?

DrinkFeckArseGirls Wed 26-Dec-12 21:54:17

That is really sweet! Hiwever the photo changes are so quick you can't sometimes take in what's on them? Maybe do a slower even a tiny bit version? Great anyways, not a criticism.

hellobentleg Wed 26-Dec-12 21:54:57

Oblivion by Grimes.

And our year has been hard, I just looked at a lot of the the threads and saw how many people were sad. It is hard to remember the beauty of life when things are rubbish with Money and Dads and doing everything on your own.

Thank you by the way.

hellobentleg Wed 26-Dec-12 21:56:26

Hey DinkFckArseGirls

That is a very good point, but I did worry it would be super long (there is about 2 thousand pictures ...)

Would you suggest taking some out?

(I hope you had a lovely holiday! x)

hellobentleg Wed 26-Dec-12 21:57:29


your name is DrinkFeckArseGirls not what i typed smile

greencolorpack Wed 26-Dec-12 21:58:49

Lovely. What a cute baby.

MistletoeAndMerryChristmas Wed 26-Dec-12 21:59:12

I love it how it is!


omletta Wed 26-Dec-12 22:01:19

That's lovely.

Thanks for sharing.

I wish you both all the best.

Mutt Wed 26-Dec-12 22:03:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GreatCongas Wed 26-Dec-12 22:06:10

I think very slightly slower
And keep them all in because its fab grin

butterflybee Wed 26-Dec-12 22:45:04

i loved it too. you guys look like you had tons of cuddles, always the best bit of babydom

hellobentleg Wed 26-Dec-12 22:49:32

Hello. Thank you for the above comments. They are well nice (and helpful)

we did cuddle. When you are on your own with a baby and they wake up at 4 am or 5am and they don't go back to sleep (and then you go to work at 8am) there is lots of times for cuddles, baths and doing everything you can to make it be fun. Lest you go mad right!?! Note towel in hair a lot...) Being a lone parent can be hard, but it is also the best (I say that now, there is danger of me posting asking for help!)

I hope you all have a lovely holiday period.


Bentleg // x

cattitude Thu 27-Dec-12 03:09:05

Wow at how lovely that is.

Southwest Thu 27-Dec-12 03:16:11

oh thats really sweet
Im a bit behind when it comes to technology did you just run about 2000 photos as a very fast slideshow is that how it works?

(I noticed the towel but noticed how cute your daughter was more!!)

Iheartpasties Thu 27-Dec-12 03:22:50

awesome video. you're very tallented.

BigGiantCowWithAKnockKnockTail Thu 27-Dec-12 05:42:06

My phone won't let me watch it so I'll have to have a look later. I just wanted to say that I think it's a gorgeous idea! Your little girl will have these memories forever now . And I love her name too smile

hellobentleg Thu 27-Dec-12 07:14:40

I popped it on youtube (I think that helps people watch it on their phones)

@Southwest It is not a slideshow, I downloaded a free software called Time Laspe Assember (for Mac) smile

MimieD Thu 27-Dec-12 07:25:04

Love it! What a great video to show your DD when she's older.

vintageviolets Thu 27-Dec-12 07:33:30

Oh its wonderful, really amazing.

Im 23 weeks pregnant., & now have very watery eyes after watching that!

hellobentleg Thu 27-Dec-12 09:20:09

@vintageviolets Congrats on the up and coming arrival ! x

ninjinglebells Thu 27-Dec-12 09:28:09

That's so lovely, think the fast changes are great. What a memory smile I have a few tears in my eyes too blush thanks

snickerdoodle Thu 27-Dec-12 15:50:33

I love it! Great idea.

MatureUniStudent Thu 27-Dec-12 17:05:57

Aww I loved it - v fast though, I wanted to have a proper nose and I liked your kitchen. The towel in the hair is true to life!

Lovely. Happy Christmas to you and your beautiful daughter. She looks so loved by you.

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