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Happy Christmas!

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glitch Tue 25-Dec-12 10:45:58

To all the othe lone parents doing the Christmas thing with just your DCs I just wanted to wish you a happy christmas.

My first one with just DS but he has just said "this is a fun morning". It's an easy win really with presents and chocolate but I couldn't be prouder. grin

Jellykat Tue 25-Dec-12 14:59:12

Absolutely agree glitch, i was thinking exactly the same..

Happy Christmas to all the lone parents here thanks

Just about to start cooking for me and my 2 DSs, for the 24th year in a row...

sarahseashell Tue 25-Dec-12 17:29:41

thankyou both and can I add in my own seasons greetings to fellow LPs too

DoubleYew Tue 25-Dec-12 17:39:49

Happy Christmas everyone!

MagicHouse Tue 25-Dec-12 19:55:19

Happy Christmas everyone wine.
My first Christmas without my DC this year, so having Christmas tomorrow too, can't wait grin

CabbageLeaves Tue 25-Dec-12 20:05:00

Happy Christmas to all LPs. wine and more wine

glitch Tue 25-Dec-12 22:44:26

I'm glad others had that good day too.
Some days are just good days without you even thinking they would be. It is possilbly the best Christmas Day I have ever had shock
I am a happy LP today smile

bliss88 Tue 25-Dec-12 23:01:41

Happy Christmas. First Christmas with as a LP with ds 3years! Feel very sad and upset now though as sad on my own eating choc and watching tv when I wished I had that someone to spend it with. X

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