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Anyone else looking forward to Xmas day with just you + the kids.

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Meglet Mon 24-Dec-12 18:28:15

I know I am for once. First Xmas Day at home in years, don't have to rush, kids can play with their toys, we can go for a walk after lunch and a couple of relatives are popping round in the afternoon.

It's nice to not be on the 'family stress' threads smile.

glitch Mon 24-Dec-12 18:38:20

I am trying to. Was doing great until an hour ago now having a big wobble.
Must read these family stress threads grin

Meglet Mon 24-Dec-12 20:10:01

I don't even have any alcohol in the house, that's how relaxed I am grin.

ProphetOfDoom Mon 24-Dec-12 20:12:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NilentSight Mon 24-Dec-12 21:11:56

Me smile

No grumpy Ex snarling at being woken so early, no stilted conversations with in laws pretending to like each other, no stressy lunch, just me and my favourite small people in the world. Happy Christmas single parents grin

Meglet Mon 24-Dec-12 21:33:39

<<eats choc orange all to myself>>

At least we can all work to our own timetables tomorrow. I get fed up fitting the kids in with everyone else's plans as I have to deal with them when they're tired and whingy at the end of the day.

SuperGlumFairy Mon 24-Dec-12 22:41:45

My first solo Christmas, we've had pizza and movie night today after having the In-laws over most of the day. We have our day planned out tomorrow with breakfast, presents, movies, playing and eating a big roast dinner and Boxing Day we are going to head off for a walk if the weather is good and make burgers for dinner. We're making some new traditions and generally just chilling out with no drama at all.

DoubleYew Tue 25-Dec-12 17:50:26

Ds was ill last night so I screwed up the leaving out for Santa, stocking stuff as I couldn't get away from him. He's really poorly sad.

He didn't seem that pleased with his presents (he's only 2.5 though!) and wanted to play with something we've had for ages that was 75p from Charity Shop. Then he had a shot on his new scooter in the kitchen so I felt a bit better. Tried to get him to nap but predictably he fell asleep just before dinner was ready. So I'm eating on my own. Feeling pretty down although we've had some nice moments. Ex is too busy to see him today although I offered. He was crying for him this morning.

Meglet Tue 25-Dec-12 20:33:37

double sad <<xmas hugs>>. I hope your DS perks up tomorrow. Did he eat much?

We've had a nice day, bit shouty this morning when I was trying to single-handedly combine present constructing + Xmas dinner cooking but felt a lot perkier after an afternoon walk. Got enough food leftover to feed us a second roast tomorrow, so no cooking!

Xenia Tue 25-Dec-12 21:09:35

Yes, but I'm used to it now anyway and he children are older. We skiied most of today in the Alps actually so that was pretty nice. There are lots of advantages to being single.

DoubleYew Wed 26-Dec-12 01:20:17

Thanks Meglet. Feel worn out by this year and I'm just having a bit of a wallow.

SuperGlumFairy Wed 26-Dec-12 11:07:53

DoubleYew I ended up with a sickie child too. We still got through most of the day as planned but Miss 8 slept on the sofa quite a bit, missed Xmas Dinner and I had to juggle cooking dinner with cleaning up a vomit phobic child..bit chaotic but we've planned to do Christmas dinner again next week for New Years.

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