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Facing pregnancy and birth as lone parent

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GirlWindmill Tue 18-Dec-12 16:30:28

Hi all, I'm new to this. Was with someone but once I fell pregnant, things changed and he said he does not want this early on in our relationship. I'm early on and have a very difficult decision to make. I've already started talking to 'her' even though it's quite a secret. I work with the father so it is potentially going to get very awkward. Feeling very alone. Any advice appreciated. I get his point and he is still looking after me but refuses to see the baby as a baby. Living in London too which at times like this, can be the loneliest place in the world.

preggofabulous Sat 29-Dec-12 22:37:38


I also fell pregnant by a colleague, (baby is due in three weeks), and had to suffer the agony of still working with him and his new girlfriend. He also didnt want to know and we have not spoken since the day i told him i was pregnant.

I wish i could say its all sunshine and roses, but those first few months were quite difficult (for me anyway), and seeing him and her everyday made it ten times worse.

BUT it did get easier, and with support it gets easier every day. Yes, sometimes you wonder how you'll cope as a single parent, and you wonder how you'll afford it all, but somehow it all slots into place!!

I rarely think of my ex any more, and have somehow managed to completely separate baby from him, and im just excited to meet my little one. I found the forums here a MASSIVE help as people can relate to what you're going through, and offer practical advice as well as a shoulder to cry on. Its not as easy talking to people in real life who dont really understand how hard it can be.

Hang in there and eventually you will find your own way forward :-)

PS Congratulations Xmasevebundle thanks

Chillybean Fri 25-Jan-13 00:40:57

Hi I am in the same boat potentially. I already have a 2 year old whose father is not interested, we split when I was days pregnant, and I found out I'm pregnant 2 weeks ago. I have been seeing the father for 2 months and like me he's not thrilled about the timing, but he's been supportive. We are still together for now, but I've no way of knowing how things will pan out so preparing myself to be a single mum to 2. No idea how I will cope but termination wasn't for me either, deliberated long and hard about it. I am about 8 weeks, due date 10 September.

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