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Stories of karma/retribution

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angelelle Sat 15-Dec-12 11:10:03

this is meant to be à bit toungue in cheek although in all seriousness does anyone have à good news story to share where the xp got what was coming to him!

In brief, My xp treated me horribly throughout My pregnancy, gallivanted around with ow who, incidently, looks like a cast member from TOWIE, refused to have any sort of normal adult conversation with me about practicalities and so on. Has not seen dd, now 2 months, and communications since her birth are sporadic and currently there is silence on his part. He pays no money yet although i am working on this.

So throughout this i decided to try and be the bigger person, gave him space, didnt ask for money or support, didnt put any pressure on him to take on the father role he obviously so fears. Inside i was obviously dying but that is another story. Since birth i have sent him photos of dd and offered to take her to meet him. He has continued to act like à tool.

Sooo, not that i wish him ill i any way but obviously i do hope his willy falls off karma will bite him on the arse at some point. I feel like i have really tried to be the bigger person here by keeping civil throughout yet he is the one swanning around with new relationship, money, nice flat etc etc. I have had to move back to my mums and face long sleepless nights, lol. Seems fair..notsmile (wouldnt change it for the world though).

Anyone got à story to share ? Like do they ever regret not sharing their childs life?

angelelle Tue 01-Jan-13 00:27:57

Daddelion. My daughter cant love her father as he has chosen never to meet there you go.

And remember folks, karma is all about revenge restoring universal order smile

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