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would it be vile of me to....

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goralka Tue 27-Nov-12 22:38:12

shop my ex husband and his wife to 'benefit fraud hotline' -?
I would not dream of doing this to anyone else - but they claim to be unemployed and work cash in hand and thereby bypass the CSA and have been doing so for years.....and they live in London where there's plenty of work, it's hardly an economically depressed area - and he is an electrician and has boasted to my son that they 'make more profit' this way.
Meanwhile my car insurance has run out and so will the key meter soon....
He has not paid me a penny for years
from time to time I receive letters from the CSA with abstract amounts of money that he owes me but nothing ever happens.
so? would you?

equinox Fri 30-Nov-12 07:22:17

Blimey the cheek of it I would go right ahead and call the benefit fraud line serves the buggers right it is so unfair on you I do feel for you.

However I imagine worst case scenario it is a prisonable offence so will need to factor that in but I do think they deserve it in the circumstances.

It is people like those that give others a bad name who do genuinely need support and assistance....

cattitude Sat 01-Dec-12 01:42:20

I would report him / them without doubt. What a nerve to sponge off the system and pocket cash and not contribute to his children. The latter being the worst. These people do not deserve consideration as they only consider themselves at the taxpayers expense & their childrens expense. Vile!!

You can do it anonymously on crimestoppers online I think then deny all knowledge if confronted wink

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