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Jogrighton Sat 10-Nov-12 12:23:29


Bit of history

8 yr old ds, ex normally has him every weekend from 11am sat - sun 18pm and tues night (was 3 nights but he dropped to two)

Lets me down approx once every month to 6 weeks cant have ds goin out to a party etc. Ds has only just started stoppin overnight again after 11 wks of stoppin at mine (was gettin upset at his and not settling till late)

Earlier this year he has taken on a pub with a mate (his second job, works fulltime as an assessor)

Now telling me he cant have ds saturday allday but will pick him up at 4pm saturday take to gf house be with him for a bit then go back to work til pub shuts (ds will be asleep) and then will drop ds back at 6pm sun

I work some weekends so he expectin my elderly mum (74) too look after him!!

I have suggested alternate weekends, keep the tues night and for him to have him another night in the week where he doesnt have him at the weekend!!!

Which means I can request weekends off to be with him so my mum doesnt have to look after him and I can spend a whole weekend with him, and its not messing him about and his gf will not have to look after him (by the way we dont really speak much if at all but she is good with him and has a 13yr and an 8yr - same year at school)

And he is still is going to want random sat nights off from his son so he can spend it with his gf and not be at work????

what do you reck???

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