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internet dating ; is it me? or does it encourage fleeting meetings

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yummymommy1 Thu 01-Nov-12 22:28:47

..people seem to come and go..and im pretty damn honest but i still think i would make a good freind if nothing else at the moment. however no one seeems to 'stick' just come and go. is it the dating itself ( pof) or me?!

legohouse Fri 23-Nov-12 20:07:59

Chrome...take your time,you never know what's around that corner

ChromosoneShortOfHuman Fri 23-Nov-12 19:50:13

I'm not quite ready yet to be honest, severely lacking in confidence, children s heads are a little bit messy and bringing a man in would confuse things a bit, (children in counselling [-abusive fucker dad) I just like window shopping just now.

festiemum Fri 23-Nov-12 19:48:13

I met dh on okcupid- that's a free site and might be worth checking out.

2 years on we have a 2 month-old, a big blended family and a very happy, chaotic life! It can work, but I did have quite a few one off dates that didn't go anywhere (men who'd used unrealistic photos and presented themselves in an unrealistic way, shall we say?!) - I think you've got to be prepared to be persistent and quite thick skinned!!

ChromosoneShortOfHuman Fri 23-Nov-12 19:42:11

Oh that's fine... I quite-like sex actually just not on the first date please, I like to know he person I am sleeping with grin

legohouse Fri 23-Nov-12 19:38:49

Chrome...he is now dating a sex crazed woman lol!

ChromosoneShortOfHuman Fri 23-Nov-12 17:50:32

I have been on for a free trial again it was yucky yucky men....I refuse to pay to meet a man, give me a few years I might feel the need to, right now I shall stick to the free sites and Al Friescos, and Pidls....

ChromosoneShortOfHuman Fri 23-Nov-12 17:48:41

That's nice Lego, I do like a happy ending, I am just jealous I keep dating sex crazed men.... grin

squishee Fri 23-Nov-12 17:46:11

So far I've picked two bad numbers through Internet dating, and a bad one through a magazine column before that. They each turned into long-term relationships that started beautifully, but had to end when it became apparent that these guys just could not have healthy relationships.

Am wondering whether online dating largely attracts these types, and whether to stick with real life meeting places instead.

I'm sure the online thing can work, it just hasn't for me in the long term. Your thoughts?

legohouse Fri 23-Nov-12 17:24:26

I met my partner on just single parents back in Feb,first time i'd ever "done" internet dating,was just having a nosey really!

We chatted every night for about a month then i was brave and we met up on the beach for a dog walk...

Long story short,we are still together,my boys love him,i love him,he loves me and we are planning to move in together next year smile

It can work smile

ChromosoneShortOfHuman Fri 23-Nov-12 17:11:50

Yeah my brothers friends are on POF, sorry I was here last night also, I keep name-changing, I an useless with men and decisions...I get freaked out on POF, I have been on so many times and left people come and say 'hello chromosone' I say 'erm.. do I know you' <paranoid> and sure enough I have spoke with them previously and forgot....plenty of perverts I say.

I have one on facebook from POF, I just have him there to extract the urine over all his 'followers' who say 'oh I love you' and 'you look so lovely' and WAKE UP LADIES clearly he is PLAYER!!! Sorry I am sarcastic bugger! My aim in life is the take the piss out of men.... and the ladies who fawn over them.

VeryProbablyStupid Fri 23-Nov-12 17:07:59

I was on eHarmony, but then when I joined POF everyone I had been talking to was on there too, so it seemed silly to pay for one when it seems every single person in the world is on POF. Even my friends, I stumble across them all the time!

QuiteQuiet Thu 22-Nov-12 21:55:51

Sorry IamDemented is me too....

When I got 'a willy' I said 'if I wanted to see a dick I could look at your profile'.... grin

flumperoo Thu 22-Nov-12 21:53:38

Thanks Demented, I'll go and have a look at pics of men's willies grin

QuiteQuiet Thu 22-Nov-12 21:48:19


I may try again at the weekend, I am avoiding a guy from last week. Day 3 and he said 'do you ever find a goof fucking session relieves the stress' BLOCKED.... no but a 2 5mg valium do the job easier.... hmm pervert

SoHHKB Thu 22-Nov-12 21:45:31

QuiteQuiet I know someone on pof who works in Tescos so you really might! wink

I used Oasis and found a lovely guy simply because I thought I knew where his photo had been taken and I wanted to ask him. We met up quickly and got on well - 6 months later we live together his profile didn't mention his supersperm that found their way past my copper coil! shock

QuiteQuietIsAnElf Thu 22-Nov-12 21:36:07

Sorry that was me, I'm finding myself here.....namewise!

IAmDemented Thu 22-Nov-12 21:27:49


IAmDemented Thu 22-Nov-12 21:26:04

erm.... there is one, I keep forgetting it though, oh sorry I just name changed, looking for Christmas name and finding all sorts of names grin Badoo?? I think that's it will go check my old email account, lots of men showing pics of willies though.hmm

flumperoo Thu 22-Nov-12 21:23:13

I've heard about pof being full of men looking for sex. Are there any free sites anyone would care to recommend?

QuiteQuiet Thu 22-Nov-12 21:01:18

Oh that is quite positive, may I ask which site grin

StrawberryMojito Thu 22-Nov-12 20:21:08

I know of 6 Internet dating happy relationships, 4 of which have resulted in marriage (still strong) and 3 of those have resulted in children. Just's not all disastrous.

feelingdizzy Thu 22-Nov-12 20:16:31

I have tried internet dating ,personally I had no idea what was going on,men coming on super strong then being totally different in reality,and on occasion after a couple of dates they would disappear.

I could do with a rule book,It all seems like those american teen shows my DD(11) watches on t.v.
Its bizarrre

QuiteQuiet Thu 22-Nov-12 20:12:35

Oh one met me and after 3 hours, decided we should get married.... hmm

I ran..........

It's a mixed site, I think I was gong for men too young, and younger men have something about 35 year old ladies, so I will leave it for a while and try when I feel ready again.

I had so many dates I forget their names now, I'm not a slut/slapper/slag I slept with one guy who I dated for 2 months, but he lived too far away and have issues of his own and I didn't want involved with that type.

I did join a few others but I refuse to pay to date a man grin I may find one in Tescos.........

QuiteQuiet Thu 22-Nov-12 20:09:47

IMO it's the site, I cold be wrong, but I am all dated out. That site ime if full of men looking for sex, like I say it could be me, some people have suggested putting up a pictures of me first thing in the morning with a few spots and no make up grin

The men I did meet lied about height, age....intention, I did meet one nice guy but for me too nice and I then found, I wasn't actually ready to 'settle down' I was looking for the men who were not interested in long terms and had no interest in me as a person, so I'm going back to single life, and will re-evaluate things next year.

Don't take it personally.

VeryProbablyStupid Thu 22-Nov-12 10:02:21

I am on POF, I have had two dates. One was a nice enough guy, but he came on way to strong and was telling me he was going to buy me jewellery for our second date.... I still talk to him and hope to be friends but the warning signs were there!

Second guy was a tool. Idiot. We spent far too long talking on the phone, like 3 hours a night for 2 weeks, he seemed awesome. But in real life he looked like crack head (not at all like his pics..) and ditched me after one date without a word.

I am still on there, but it does seem to be full of similar people. And I never reply to a message that just says 'alright love' or 'hey'. So maybe its my fault, but Id like a little more effort than two words!

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