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Its just hard.. does it ever get easier?

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cheesestrung Tue 30-Oct-12 18:02:27

Ok, so exH came and picked up our son tonight and is probably going to spend time with his new gf. He makes me feel crap about it and i worry what he says about me. When i met, now ex partner, he made our lives hell. I havent with him and his new gf. I feel like i am so fair. Finding it hard as he behaves as a babysitter, not a dad :-( he is still very intimidating with me. I split with exP and I am just feeling low. I have a couple of hours now. Im feeling low that i will never meet anyone suitable. I would just like some hope.

Molepom Tue 30-Oct-12 20:13:19

How long have you been on your own?

It takes a long time to get any sort of confidence back for yourself. Until then you need to be kind and forgiving to yourself. Easier said than done I know.

I can't comment on the ex picking up the kids as I dont have that problem but I can tell you that it DOES get easier, a little bit at a time. You need to stop giving a shit about what he thinks which in turn stops you from letting him making you feel like crap.

DoubleYew Wed 31-Oct-12 09:22:45

Its normal to feel crappy about splitting from your exp but you do need to work on being happy on your own. And not giving a stuff about your exh except where the dcs are concerned. Its not easy, I'm trying to do this myself atm. Just remember there is a reason they are an ex, it wasn't working, quite possibly because he was a twat. Maybe you have some things you can work on to make you like yourself more.

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