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3 year old and emotional distress

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crackcrackcrak Thu 11-Oct-12 23:11:25

Dd stayed a night away from me on Saturday. It has taken her 5 days to recover.
On the first day she was very hungry and tired and tearful all day as well as shy and subdued. That evening it took me 4 hours to settle her to sleep (v unusual).
Second day dd falls apart in a swimming lesson and seems plagued with self doubt and again subdued and tearful. She was ok in the afternoon.
Third day better during the day but distressed at bedtime and clingy and unsettled. Fourth day ok during the day but hysterical at night and leading up to bedtime. She was v odd and distant (hadn't been with me during the day). Refused to consider sleeping in her bed and wanted to go in mine (not done this for around 7 months). Slept a little but woke up crying repeatedly in the night v distressed and anxious and clinging to me. That was last night.
This reaction is son out of character I am v worried. Dd has maintained a calm bed time routine for months now and usually only has disturbed nights if she is ill. no temp and or other symptoms. I looked up emotional distress and regression was a common theme. What do you think?

crackcrackcrak Sat 13-Oct-12 00:36:55

Magic - that's great advice about the letter - thank you.
I feel very sad about this being forced on dd when I don't believe she's ready. Contact order stuff is just awful - I have to play the game and think about tactics rather than just parent instinctively sad

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