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Not the best of days, why does eveything always go blardy pearshaped?

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Yacouldntmakeitup Wed 10-Oct-12 22:28:43

I have bolloxed up two jobs in three weeks, when i'm desperate to be back in work again.

The first one...not enough hours to get me off benefit but would have been a nice start. First ds got flu, then I got flu. Still went on my first day, stumbling around, shaking, could barely see. Next day dd came down with it, no childcare for a sick youngster. Bye bye job.

This week i'm supposed to go for a chat to do voluntary work. Ds throwing his guts up this morning, then I end up stuck at opticians for two 1/2 hours (I cancelled my eye test three times already but ffs, I needed it my specs are scratched and chipped and I can't bloody see through them). I tried to phone the work programme woman, straight to voicemail. I get back home finally, phone the work programme landline, no answer. I have to google the number for the work programme main office to get the number for the office my advisor works at with the hope that I can speak to a colleage of, another answering machine. Googled the charity itself, no answer on their landline, so as far as they know, I didn't turn up and didn't explain. Great.

I'm quite pissed off.

Bonnywrites Thu 11-Oct-12 01:05:45

I can hear that you are very frustrated and somewhat overwhelmed. I hear you, if it doesn't rain, it pours.

But, it seems to me you are a special kind of woman and mother. I mean this with all due respect, but girl you are a fighter, sure things are not great but you have not given up. Even now you are going out and looking for work.. no it's not easy your kids get sick, doc appointment at the wrong time... things happen right, and yet, you still keep going. WELL DONE.

Look at you. Be proud of yourself. You are a good mommy and your children will one day turn around and be proud to call you their mom.

There are no free rides, no easy answers and no prince charming, we don't live in Hollywood, this is life and in reality it is difficult.

But with an attitude like yours how can you not succeed? I wish you all the best.

Shriek Thu 11-Oct-12 01:19:27

Thats some shit weeks sad thank god they're done! and amazed 2 jobs in such short time, you're gonna get other opportunities, but yeah it is pretty endless the dropping everything else to care for the children, but the only thing a mum can do unless there is other help out there in the wings that could be called upon?

It'll change for you ;)

ThingsThatGoBumpInTheNight Thu 11-Oct-12 02:22:59

Hopefully you left a VM so they know you called and may understand and get back to you

Sorry you've had such a shitty rotten couple of weeks

((hugs)) thanks wine

zzzexhaustedzzz Thu 11-Oct-12 10:31:26

Sympathies. I am also desperate for work and constantly trying for jobs/ voluntary work with a kids to look after.
What makes it worse for me is having to claim JSA! Just switched from income support with new rules (5year old +) and been treated like shit by the advisor last week!
Hopefully you aren't dealing with the same too?

Shriek Thu 11-Oct-12 12:23:36

ZZZ, there are some absolute stars in there but they can be nigh-on impossible to find! I have experienced, and helped others getting back into work and if I had a penny for every time... well you know the rest ;)

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