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Does this email to my solicitor sound ok?

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kinkyfuckery Tue 25-Sep-12 14:41:10

Haven't explained the whole history, but in a nutshell, divorced from exH, been separated almost 4 years. Two children - 4 and 7. He regularly cancels or changes arrangements with the children at short notice, although all contact was done to suit him in first place. My solicitor has been writing to him for months, to try to sort out a Minute Of Agreement regarding contact, which hie has continuously ignored, despite telling me he will contact her.


Further to our previous contact, Mr X is still evading committing to regular, routine visitation with the children. I have asked him again on numerous occasions to contact you regarding this matter. Due to the length of time this has been an on-going issue, at the start of September, I asked him to have contacted you before we return from a family holiday on XXX. I have informed him that if he has not been in touch with you directly, or via his own solicitor, before this date, I shall be revoking his contact with the children until he does so. I hope you agree that this is a step that I have not taken lightly and is merely out of desperation that we sort contact officially for the children's benefit. The children are showing increasing distress to the situation as it currently stands and it has resulted on occasion to the eldest not really being fit to attend school after their weekly overnight visit.
I would appreciate if you could find the time to write to Mr X to remind him of my request and reinforce that this situation needs sorting as soon as possible, ideally so no gap in contact would be needed. If you would like to speak to me or need any more information from me, please do not hesitate me, either by email or my telephone number is XXX.

Many thanks,
Yours sincerely

cestlavielife Tue 25-Sep-12 15:53:03

it makes no sense -you say they ahave "weekly overnight visit." and you say there is no regular contact. which is it?? weekly is regulalr.

contacting a solicitor or not does not have anything to do with seeing teh children really? i dont see th connection?

has he seen them or not?
has he asked for contact then not turned up or what?
you need concrete records of when and how and what happened.

better give a diary of contact offered, contact which happened, contact which didnt happen, etc giving precise dates and times and any notes.

dear solicitor,
please see diary of contact since june. As you can see there have been missed conact on several occasions and this has caused stress for the children including xxxx x AND XXXX . ON XXX DAY XXX could no atend school on xx day following the visit / follwoing lack of visit xxx his symptoms were xxxx and we attended the GP on sxxxday.

please advise where to go from here . "

is there a court order for contact?
you could ask for a court order to regularise the contact. but you cant force him to commit. however, it would then mean you only need to make them available on the days set - the other days you know you free.

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