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problem with ex

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yummymummy91 Fri 21-Sep-12 17:59:19

just wanted peoples advice really
me and my babys dad have been split up a yr, my little boys is almost 4
we have sorted out a good routine for jacob to see his dad, n we thought it would b good to take him out together once a month, to like the zoo, day trips ect.......was all going good but then 2 weeks ago n told me he is seeing some 1 and now hes saying its going to b strange us takin jacob out together coz he dont want his new gf to feel arquard about it................i dont think its right that just because he has a new gf that things should change with jacob, i would never change things because i got with a new man, his new gf has nothing to do with jacob not even met him yet, as i think its too soon 4 her 2 get involvd with him......what does every 1 else think, sud it change now coz he with some 1 n she mite think its strange or sud it stay the same as thats wots jacob is use 2 n jacobs feelings should come above every thing and every 1???

preggofabulous Fri 21-Sep-12 23:19:40

In my opinion, the new girl's feelings shouldn't enter into it.

It's your sons feelings, and the two of you maintaining a relationship which works for the three of you. It's up to her to fit into your lives, not you into hers. That's what she signed up for.

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