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How much money for a lone parent with 3 children

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Sweepitundertherug Tue 27-Mar-12 18:24:59

I am soon to be leaving my h.

I will have to leave (via refuge)

I am trying to plan stuff.

I will have to go n income support. How does this work?

How much money (approx) will I get?

Do they pay a proportion of rent and council tax.

Kids are 12, 10, and three.

I will be looking for work. Youngest starts work a year sept,

Many thanks.

Btw I have looked on the website and can't make head nor tail of it.

Kormachameleon Wed 26-Dec-12 19:36:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Jemma1111 Wed 26-Dec-12 21:24:25

Crawled back under your rock JeremyJames?

jeremy160775 Tue 01-Jan-13 15:32:58

ITALIAN SOCIAL SYSTEM. Look I've read all the responses and had a think. It is obvious from the responses that women are actaully quite ambivalent (double minded) about welfare. I get the impression from the reponses that women definately want entitlement to welfare but at the same time are actually a bit ashamed about having to claim welfare???. Well look I do have some sensitivity (I have a degree in 'history of art') and that leads me on to this next point. I've been to Italy a total of 8 times in the last 15 years and in Italy they have virtually no welfare system despite being a very rich country. It is the culture in Italy that if you don't have a job then your family must support you. I mean I don't totally agree with it because not everyone has a family. However in Italy that is the LAW and that law applies to anyone who dosent have a job regardless of whether they are male/female or with children/without children. Although it sounds draconian the absense of a welfare system does actaully encourage families to stick together more and women have to think very carefully before they have a child with no husband to support them as there is nothing to full back on instead (except turning to their own parents for support). Can I just ask what do any of you think of the Italian social system???, jeremy

cafebistro Tue 01-Jan-13 16:10:17

who gives a hoot about the Italian social system? It doesn't apply here, the OP is living in the UK not Italy. It's all very well saying that women should think very carefully before having a child with no husband to support them but what about women who live with abuse daily? Should they stay in that situation? Or get the hell out?

CabbageLeaves Tue 01-Jan-13 16:24:12

Is Jeremy for real? It is 2013?

women have to think very carefully before they have a child with no husband to support them

1. Should men have to think just as carefully? Presumably a responsible father supports a child?
2. Women often support men you know?
3. A system which forces women to accept support means those women have to accept it regardless of strings attached (often abuse) This cannot be good
4. The one thing I would agree with is making yourself as independent as possible. NOT a system which forces you to rely on anyone

MatureUniStudent Tue 01-Jan-13 17:25:05

With apologies to the original OP, I wish to reply to Jeremy.

Two points. The birthrate in Italy has fallen dramatically meaning there is a considerable pension burden from those living longer. Young Italian women choose not to follow the "traditional" role open to them in the past, of Catholic Marriage and dependance on a man. Italian women want and strive for more in their lives. Hence less children being born.

Secondly, you miss the fundamental point of single parents and the benefit system. And hence why your vitriol is laughable. Single parents want to work. To never be economically reliant on an abusive partner. Single parents do not intend on making a life out of living on benefits. You couldn't afford to.

You forget also, that single parents had a life before children and doubtless paid taxes. Indeed many abusive partners continue to work and pay taxes. I doubt my widowed mother, on her pension would like me and my DC's to be dependant on her, because their feckless father fails to pay.

Your vitriol should be directed at those that force single parents to be reliant on the benefit system. Those that refuse to support their responsibilities, their offspring. You are, at best, misguided.

jeremy160775 Tue 01-Jan-13 18:05:34

Well look there are so many blokes where I work who are members of the 'fathers-4-justice' campaign. They all say that women abuse the welfare system because there are so many aspects of the welfare system that women are elidgible for but which men are not elidgible for. For example women can claim legal aid but the bloke can't if there is a custody case - if the bloke is working. The blokes all say women with children can always go to the council to get a flat to live in but the bloke can't (95% of homeless people are men). The blokes all say that women can always go on benefits whereas the bloke can't. There is one bloke at work called Simon. In his divorce settlement the judge ordered him to take on £15,000 of credit card debts that his partner had ran up on things she demanded for the home that they couldn't afford- also she dosent even want the children, she just wants the council house and generous DSS benefits that go with having the children (one has got ADHD - I wonder why)

queenofthepirates Tue 01-Jan-13 18:08:58

Jeremy, could i gently suggest you start a new thread on here; it's muddying the waters for the OP who has asked specific questions to which she would like some advice.

Everyone else, can I suggest we leave Jeremy to start a new thread so this one can be returned to the OP for the advice she is clearly needing.

MatureUniStudent Tue 01-Jan-13 18:12:46

Jeremy I echo what queen said. And I don't know if you are being obtuse on purpose, or trolling to find information for a newspaper article or a thesis - but perhaps you should spare a modicum of empathy for the OP who faces issues in life, that may you PRAY, you never have to go through.

pumpkinsweetieMasPudding Tue 01-Jan-13 18:16:28

Hope you are okay op, things will work themselves out, don't worry.
Ignore Jeremy as i don't get what italy has got to do with this at all.

pumpkinsweetieMasPudding Tue 01-Jan-13 18:19:51

Fwiw op, you should be able to claim income support, your child tax credit will stay more or less the same, as will child benefit. You should get the majority of your rent paid & until april all of your council tax.
The rent allowances vary per area

pumpkinsweetieMasPudding Tue 01-Jan-13 18:20:28

And income support is around £67 per week

Foxy800 Tue 01-Jan-13 20:29:59

I hope that the op has managed to sort things out and is now settled with her children.

However I want to put one last thing in response to Jeremy's last statement!!! How dare you make that assumption about a person's child with ADHD and it being their fault. My daughter has recently been diagnosed with ADHD, so is that because her Dad left me!!!Is it?

Anyway back to the op I was really worried when he left but have been coping ok financially, wont go into details as many others have already suggested them. As it is an old thread though am hoping you are all sorted and settled now.

foolonthehill Tue 01-Jan-13 20:31:12

This was posted by Sweep in March last year and has been resurrected by MrJ (to what purpose I cannot imagine)

jeremy160775 Tue 01-Jan-13 21:50:23

First of all what is an OP, also I was stirred up on Boxing Day when I read about the £500 benefits cap, yet I have to work 50 hours a week at a wholesalers yet get no help from the state all (and have had to sign to opt out of the EU working time directive as I have to work over the 48 hour a week limit in the directive). I think us men deserve more recognition of our role in society and in relationships, that was why I posted on Boxing Day

foolonthehill Tue 01-Jan-13 22:08:36

OP= original poster

foolonthehill Tue 01-Jan-13 22:16:08

^I think us men deserve more recognition of our role in society and in relationships, that was why I posted^

personally I think that there are people who work hard and people who don't, irrespective of gender.

there are people who treat their partners badly and others who treat them well.

there are single parents who are men who qualify for state benefits, and single parents who are women who also do.

there are time waster men who disappear and leave their female partner/wife to go it alone, and women who do the same.

State aid is equally available to both men and women. The main difference at present is that women are more likely to be left literally holding the baby, thus diminishing their opportunity to work for some years.

I think men have more than a fair crack at recognition and power...or have I missed the legion of women running things in the top city jobs and government?

lunar1 Tue 01-Jan-13 22:23:33

Sweep I remember your first thread, so glad you are getting out. Hope everything is going well. I have often wondered how you are.

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