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Advice re dating and balancing kids and your life.....

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humptydidit Fri 14-Oct-11 11:49:50

Have met new man after almost a year split from abusive exH. Am v v v nervous and wary but he seems lovely so far and is equally nervous grin

Both he and I have kids and both of us have our kids full time, my ex and his do not see the kids. That is fine, but it makes spending time together harder.

I realise that there is the babysitting option etc but does as well as practical issues like babysitters, there's also the guilt at spending time as an adult rather than with the kids iyswim, which I know he is feeling too.

Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions/experiences of how it worked for them in a similar situation?

I am happy for our 2 families to spend time together, but that doesn't help with time for me as an adult. I am also happy to chat on the phone etc but I also want the physical side too blush

Anyone got any ideas about how to make it work? Would suggesting a regular "date" night, once a week be a good idea, where it is just us and no kids?

Sorry to sound so pathetic, just keen to get some time on our own to get to know eachother and also some "me" time as an adult and to help with my "urges"!!

MeMySonAndI Sat 15-Oct-11 16:15:00

Not many ideas but watching this thread...

So far, what has worked wonders for us is to book a day off every now and then, and go out while the children are at school.

humptydidit Sun 16-Oct-11 00:00:26

memyson I agree, I think the during school hours thing sounds good.

I think that I will insist on having adult "date night" as well tho, that was something I have never done in the past and I think it was a mistake....

Watch this space!!!

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