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Resignation/benefit entitlement

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NewlySingleMum Fri 14-Oct-11 00:40:45


Another one from me, I'm afraid...

Short story is, I've just left my husband. I'm pregnant with twins. I'm still on maternity leave after having DC1, and intended to return to work part-time, so I'm still employed. However, I now no longer see actually returning to work as an option. I've had to move miles from my job (for family support) and will soon have three babies under 18mths to look after. One way or another, I'm going to have to claim benefits. However, I was chatting to my dad tonight about handing in my notice at work and he seems to think that if you voluntarily quit work, you give up your entitlement to claim benefits for around 6mths... Google appeared to back him up, but I just wonder can that really be the case? Are there no circumstances under which quitting work is considered unaoidable... Cause I REALLY don't see how I can avoid it, given the circumstances? Yet I can't survive on NOTHING for six months! confused

ThisIsExtremelyVeryNotGood Fri 14-Oct-11 07:19:41

This is true if you were to claim Jobseeker's Allowance, but as a lone parent you would claim Income Support which isn't affected by the reasons you left your job. I had to resign from my job a few months ago and made an immediate claim for income support, and the fact that I resigned wasn't an issue. I would remain on mat leave and give whatever notice period required so that your leaving date coincides with the date you're due back. Then make a claim for income support. Once your youngest is 5 (it's currently 7 but will have reduced by the time you're in that position) you will be expected to look for work and at that point you'd apply for JSA.

Income support is affected by any other income or savings you have, see here for details.

You would also be entitled to child tax credit, housing benefit should you rent a home and council tax benefit, along with your child benefit obviously. Some of these will increase when your twins are born so remember to inform all relevant departments when you get to that stage. You can use this to play around with different circumstances and see what you should be entitled to in each situation.

Good luck!

NewlySingleMum Fri 14-Oct-11 13:10:48

Thank you very much. MN's just invaluable! smile

ScaredKittyWitchyKitty Fri 14-Oct-11 16:58:30

Surely if you're on maternity leave it won't be a case of resigning as such, just not going back after your maternity leave ends? Either way, as someone above said, you'll be entitled to Income Support due to being a single parent. When do you need to let your workplace know that you won't be returning?

pinkkoala Sat 15-Oct-11 11:14:49

i am in a similar situation, i have had to leave my weekend job as my daughter doesn't want to be with her dad at weekends, he gets quite aggressive, i have no money coming in and am waiting for a start date to a new job that i have gone for, waiting on crb to come back. am i entitled to claim anything.

Annie421 Sat 15-Oct-11 20:13:34

No you can still get income support and tax credits plus your free milk for the twins, i know everyone is entitled to £190(?) of the tax whether they work or not when they have a baby plus you will be entitled to a grant, think it's £500 for one baby so £1000 for twins - talk to your midwife, thats who you get the forms off xxx I never claimed benefits when i was pregnant and split up with my baby's father and quickly found a job soon after the birth as i didn't believe i was entitled to anything ... i was very wrong. You should go to citizens advice and they can tell you exactly what you will get, your employment wont effect anything xxx

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