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Just a vent...

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SaggyHairyArse Tue 11-Oct-11 10:27:38

Yesterday my daughter fell off a rope swing in the woods, landing on her brothers scooter. I took her to the Drs as she had a bad bruise to her lower abdomen which was badly swollen. The Dr then referred me to A & E as she couldn't do a wee and she wanted to see if her bladder was damaged (blood in urine?).

So I called my ex and asked him to meet me at my house, as my eldest child was having tea with a friend and was going to be dropped back and my youngest hadn't eaten.

So, I meet him at the house and leave to take DD to A & E...Half an hour later he is on the phone asking when my BF would be back, I didn't know if he would be back and gave him his number. He calls my BF and is shitty with him because he wasn't coming back. An hour later he is calling me repeatedly asking when I would be back and then just as I am about to leave the hospital I get a text saying he has taken the boys to his flat and i've got to pick them up on the way back.

I am so PO because 1) there was no thought to the boys, doing their reading with them or putting them to bed, 2) as if it wasn't stressful enough I was being harrassed by him, 3) when I went to get the boys he never came to car to see his DD or even ask me how she was.

He is such an arse! To be honest, none of this should surprise me as a leopard doesn't change his spots. And, jumping to conclusions, I think the whole reason he acted like this was because he wanted to get to the off-licence before it shut (he is a drinker), given that he was at the shops when I called him back one time and it saddens me that despite his drinking ruining his marriage for one night only he can't hold it together and not be a complete cock!

Vent over blush

Meglet Wed 12-Oct-11 22:12:38

Have listened and (sadly) understood.

XP refused to sit with DS (asleep) when NHS direct said I should maybe take DD to the out of hours GP as she was puking a lot (she was ok in the end).

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