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who to ask ref discrimination

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boxingHelena Thu 22-Sep-11 14:42:33

after 6 month research to find another single parent to share with we have been now faced with weeks of let down by estate agents

I would go to see a "family home" as a 2 bed separate kitchen, lounge and garden (some even have a shed) they are obviously big enough for 1 Mum 1 Dad and 2/3 kids BUT somehow "they are not big enough" for 2 women and 2 kidz
I am furious, so much time wasted and always the same outcome. Did not want to believe it at first but I am now beginning to consider it is discrimination
(Rant over)
What do I need to do, can we not mention the children? How can I say as little possible without deceiving? We want and now, time running out, also must get a place pretty fast
Pls help me with what the best course of action would be

niceguy2 Thu 22-Sep-11 15:10:56

I don't understand. How are you planning to sleep?

In a traditional family, mum/dad would have the main bedroom with the kids in bedroom 2.

But in your situation since you are not a gay couple, how would you sleep?

Bed1 = You & your child. Bed2 = Other LP & their child ??

If so I can understand why they may think its not a good idea since as the kids grow, it becomes inappropriate for them to share a room with their parents. How old are the kids?

What then you would have to do is convert the lounge and again the landlord may not like that idea. So in the end they may just decide its safer to let to a more traditional family instead.

Unless I have the wrong end of the stick.

boxingHelena Fri 23-Sep-11 00:05:36

no NiceGuy I think you have the correct end of the stick

The children are 5 and 6. The one house in particular I lost had separate kitchen, dining room and lounge, plus 2 bedroom. We were thinking to use the lounge as a kids bedroom. One other property had a loft converted again to be used as a kid play area.
I do not want to share my bedroom but the other mother is ok with it. So who is too judge if 5 years old is too old for a girl to sleep with mum?

I can see where the estate agent is coming from but to be honest it is not the landlord business who sleep with. I am sure there are house allover the country where the dad sleeps on the sofa (haha) and mum share beds with children or viceversa... (based of my in-dept knowledge from Supernanny)

And what if me and the other lady were in fact gay? Is this something we should disclose? (we are not)

boxingHelena Fri 23-Sep-11 00:07:10

btw NiceGuy thanks for taking an interest

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