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H2010 Mon 19-Sep-11 11:32:29

finding of fact court hearing
Really scared I've got a finding of fact hearing next week with my violent abusive ex. He has applied for contact with my daughter who is 16 months old. He hasn't seen her since she was 9 weeks old because he was sent to prison for violence against me. since being released from prison he has done nothing but threaten me he has tried to kick my door down at 3 in the morning, thraetend to kill me and my family, threatened to abduct the baby and told me I will never see her again, stole my car, smashed up another 3 of my cars outside my house, broke his harassment order, threatened my mum, set fire to my mums property with my disabled sister inside the list is endless. He's been to prison once for crimes against me and also been given a community order, harrassment order and a restrainuing order.. All of these things have been reported to the police and he's got a criminal record as long as my arm since splitting with him I found out he's also been to prison for harrassing his ex and assaulting her brother. With all this happeneing I've had to move house away fromall my family and friends so e doesn't know were I am. Finding of facts next week so scared he'll get access to my little princess he only decided to apply for contct when she was 7months old

cestlavielife Mon 19-Sep-11 12:25:40

look - jsut stick to saying supervised contact at a contact centre only.
there is so much evidence against him that he is unlikely to get more than that.

jsut state that you think indirect contact would be best though you are prepared to accept supervised contact in a properly staffed contact centre.

reiterate that you want safe contact for your daughter and this has to be in a contact centre supervised by trained profressionals.

got o to find one or ask CAFCASS locally which one thye use.

that you cann be in contact wiht him directly ebcause of the recorded violence against you.

dont eb scared of court - there is so much evidence against him ahving unsupervised contact that you should see court as helping to protect you and your dd.

H2010 Mon 19-Sep-11 12:49:25

Hi and thanks
I know I've got a lot of evidence against him and he probably wont get more than supervised contact but I realley dont even want him to have this as I cannot see how it would benefit my daughter has anyone had any experiance of a parent only being awarded indirect contact

cestlavielife Mon 19-Sep-11 13:02:14

problem is indeirect contact with 16 month old is pretty meaningless as she cant read speak on phone really etc. even skype not that much use from her point of view....

if he presents in court as being remorseful and "i just want to be good dad to my dd" then yes it is likey he will get supervised contact - and not much you can do about it - but this would be striclty controlled and supervised and he would have to show long commitment over many months .

H2010 Mon 19-Sep-11 13:07:39

Thanks for your reply ,I know it would be pretty meaningles to a 16 month old I just really dont think he deseves anything else. He's saying he's changed etc etc although the last incident was only 8 weeks ago on the day I was due to give birth to my second daughter (not his) he smashed both my cars up and set fire to my parents property hope the judge sees him for what he really is

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