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CSA rant!

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BearGrylls Fri 16-Sep-11 21:53:42

I will try to be brief....

I have a deductions of earnings order in place with the CSA, up and running in August but as we veterans to the system know the money often doesn't come through until 19th of the following months as is the employers perogative. So far so good. I checked my bank account today to find that my first payment is £1150 short. (£500 of this is towards his £30,000 arrears) I called the CSA and asked them to look into it to. They agreed that it is not the correct amount (!) and will investigate with the company straight away. At this point I should point out that my ex-p is a director of the company.

So they called the company and were advised that the amount I received was 40% of his monthly take home pay. The CSA just swallowed this as correct. I could scream! I pointed out that they have already had confirmation of his very good salary from the company and have a schedule which the company have obviously not adhered to yet they take the first line of bullshit as absolute truth! Can anyone really live on £300 a month? With a girlfriend to support who has no income of her own? For goodness sake, his tax on his company car is more that he has paid for his children! As the months go by the arrears accrue even further. ( I know this as we worked for the same company and once he became a company director my job disappeared and I am now unemployed).

I would like to point out that before all of this I was was receiving £400 a month, albeit sporadically, but he saw my ds once a month for a weekend and the relationship with the children was more important than any money. He decided he no longer wanted to see our DS's and stopped payments too, hence my involving the CSA.

CSA were supposed to call me back but haven't sad and I am completely skint too! I just wanted to rant really, but any positive stories would be most welcome smile

MamaMassageMe Fri 16-Sep-11 23:00:47

I have no exp in this but sending thoughts to you!!! How bloody useless the system is and how stupid some parents can be towards their most incredible achievement...their children! You'll be ok smile xxx

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