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Phone contact?

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Sapphirefling Wed 07-Sep-11 15:45:53

Am wondering if this is a battle that I'm best not to try and fight.

Facts : Ex sees the kids whenever he wants and it's pretty regular. Always on his terms though - I have to arrange work etc around the contact dates he gives me. He had an affair and moved nearly 100 miles away. Doesn't live with OW. He doesn't phone the kids during the week. He rings constantly on the weekends when he's not with them (i.e when he is with the OW) If we are not in, he leaves fairly snidey remarks on the answerphone about being sure that the kids are hiding from the phone etc. He will text me at any time of day or evening to say that he wants to speak to them. There have been times when I haven't read the texts immediately and he then rings my mobile. At the weekend (we were visiting family and I didn't have my phone near, there were 6 missed calls on my mobile within 40 minutes) He rings when we are in the cinema, when I'm driving, when the kids are in the bath. It's 'always' at times when he is with her - never any other time.

When this first started, I asked him to ring at a particular time on a Saturday. He refused because his schedule varied

Personally, I don't want him to ring on 'my weekends' The kids aren't bothered about talking on the phone (they are still small) They aren't old enough to have their own mobiles. It feels like he is still exerting control even when he's not here. He is not an easy man to negotiate with. He scares me and I have no desitre to provoke him.

But legally, can phone contact be enforced? Because if it can he WILL go all the way to get what he wants.

cestlavielife Wed 07-Sep-11 16:34:24

suggest to him set times to call the DC eg evenings.

and tell him that you will pick up those times but other times no calls unles emnergency text

blackeyedsusan Wed 07-Sep-11 21:26:53

get another phone and change your number. keep your old phone for calls/ texts from the ex. pick up at set times (as clvl)

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