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Tent recommendation

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Embarrassedmum Wed 31-Aug-11 22:26:39

Dear All, Can anyone recommend a camping tent I can put up easily by myself? It's for me and my son (4 years old) however ideally I'd like to buy a 4 person one so it's not too cramped inside and he has a bit of space to play inside if needs be. Thought now would be a good time to buy one as there are lots of sales on. Think I'd like one with a built in groundsheet and also one that can withstand a bit of rain. Any suggestions gratefully received. Will also post on camping thread. many thanks x

SaggyHairyArse Thu 01-Sep-11 11:19:38

I've got a massive Outwell Montana but it takes 2 people to put it up as it has steel poles, I would go for something like this one:

You've got your bedroom area, an inside area, it has a SIG and colour coded fibreglass poles which make it easy to pitch.

I bought my tent from this website 6 years ago as it was the cheapest place to get the tent I wanted, I haven't compared prices but it is a good time to buy one being the end of the season.

Have fun!

Zanywany Thu 01-Sep-11 13:41:35

I would recomment Outwell as I have found them easy to put up and are really good quality. Go Outdoors have lots of offers and if there is a store near yuo then you can see them already erected.

MoaningMcMyrtlepants Thu 01-Sep-11 14:02:22

Why don't you post over in the camping topic. There are loads of folk over there who have a lot of experiance with all sorts of tents and will be able to advise on what is a good tent to buy.

McCharlieMouse Fri 02-Sep-11 16:51:25

I have a vango orchy 600 which I can put up on my own. It takes me about 30/40mins to do but isn't too much of a struggle, DS (3) very helpful at holding the long poles and helping feed them through! It is too big really for me and DS (was bought in pre single parent days) but its great to have the big inside area for rainy days! I'd probably recommend something a bit smaller but just wanted to let you know that it is possible to hoik up a large tent on your own!! Would def recommend looking at a few already up so you have an idea of size and design.

Embarrassedmum Wed 07-Sep-11 19:44:57

Many thanks everyone for your suggestions - I've enjoyed looking into your recommendations and can't wait to buy a tent so I can just "take off" with my son as the mood (and weather) takes our fancy. First day at school and back to work today so just wishing we could have the summer holidays all over again! Bit soon to start counting the days to the next one though! thanks for taking the time to reply - much appreciated x

RedHairedGirlie Wed 07-Sep-11 22:39:41


I would highly recommend the quechua 4.2 base seconds. Great pop up tent that is easy to get up and reasonably easy to pop back down once you know how. Decathlon had them in earlier in the year so not sure if they might have stock to sell off cheaper.. great tent though!,a-3,base-seconds-4-2.html

eaglewings Wed 07-Sep-11 22:49:15

Agree with red, it's the easiest 4 person tent I've ever had to put up and take down. I've put it up with the help of a teenager, dh has put it up and taken down on his own.

It's large enough to sleep 2 and still have more than enough space to eat, store, hang wet coats etc

It is also light and has easy carry handles. Got ours from decathlon, they do mail order and are cheapest we found.

Watch DVD on line of how to use before venturing out though...

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