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Single Mum looking to relocate to Stroud area...

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tinybluebubbles Sat 20-Aug-11 11:15:20

Hi All

I'm a single mum of 3 looking to relocate to the Stroud area, but finding it hard to find a LL that will accept someone on HB. My chances of getting social housing are probably nill.

When I move I intend to find work as all 3 children will then be at school - chances of getting job here are pretty much nil, or if you do find one there is no childcare. I'm currently in a no win situation, stressed, stuck in a property I hate that holds some very bad, painful memories and am keen to move where the children will actually be able to get out and about safely. The children are keen to get a dog so that we have to get out more!!

I'm a qualified Teaching Assistant to Level 4, with one years experience within a school that had a failry high level of 'difficult' children within the classroom I was in!

I do not want to be stuck on benefits any longer as it has destroyed my self belief and that must be having a negative effect on my children. Took my DD to Stroud area recently to see what she thinks and she likes it.

Has anyone got any advice or can give me any help??!!

Thank you, Amanda x

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