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Kids activities at weekend

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losingtrust Wed 10-Aug-11 13:59:46

I have recently separated from my DH after 17 years. We have two DCs (7 and 11). He lives an hour away (his choice to be with his friends) and does not have time to see them during the week due to commuting as he is now much further away from work and therefore wants to have them from Friday to Sunday every other week at his parents house. I have no problems with this as he is in a shared house and would prefer him to be at his parents. It sounds a minor issue but it will mean that both kids will need to give up their extra-curricular activities DS (keyboard) and DD (drama that she has been doing for three years and swimming). DS can now do keyboard at school so no issue but DD really wants to carry on swimming but too far for DH to travel. I cannot afford to pay for these when she will only be going once or twice a month as they are expensive. A bit down that my DCs have to give up due to his decision to move out and live so far away. Sorry bit of a rant. What do other people do about school parties, socials etc that happen when their ex has the kids?

WillIEverBeASizeTen Wed 10-Aug-11 22:28:58

Are your DDs activities on Sat and Sun? An hour away really isn't so far for him to come and pick up DD after them if they are only on a Saturday. I would put myself out to do that for my DCs if I had to.

gillybean2 Thu 11-Aug-11 12:28:14

See if you can find alternatives. It may be that she can do swiming and/or drama during the week.
If not see if you can find an alternative. Ask ex to pay for the missed lessons if he won't take her. Or look for a holiday drama course.
Places like this do drama holidays
and lots of places run schemes in school holidays for drama groups, productions etc.

Swimming you can take her in the week if necessary rather than having a structured lesson. Or suggest that he find a pool nearby and take her himself sometimes too. But speak to her teacher first, I bet there are alternative lessons she can do.

MerylStrop Thu 11-Aug-11 12:47:05

I think it is totally unreasonable to expect your DD to give up her activities. Your DH will have to find a way to make it possible for her to carry on if you can't find another session for her. Swimming shouldn't be to hard to find an alternative session - unless it is a club?

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