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Fantastic return from dad's house, I can't believe!!!!

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itsnotpossibleisit Sun 07-Aug-11 22:36:34

DD (2 years old) came back from her dad's yesterday in a fantastic mood. After a bit more than three months of being separated she came back gave a huge hug and 2 kisses grin and told me "beautiful" smile something tat has never happened before.

Not sure what happened with her dad as he didn't look very happy and she didn't wanted to say bye bye to him but I really enjoyed this way. She has not had any tantrums and she has been on her best behaviour yesterday and today. Usually she always comes back very angry with me, no hugs no kisses and it takes us two days to go back to normality This weekend has been fantastic. I am so happy that I just needed to share it as I am always posting all the bad things that happen. I hope it last long enough to stay like this forever grin

Gonzo33 Mon 08-Aug-11 05:01:20

That is fabulous. So pleased for you, it can be so stressful when the reverse happens.

NearlySpring Mon 08-Aug-11 07:05:04

Lovely! Perhaps as she's getting older things are becoming easier for her?

Or maybe he is behaving differently now and making it easier for her.

I'm assuming you mean you and him have been seperated for nearly 3 months, as your post reads as though you and your dd hve been seperated for 3 months!

itsnotpossibleisit Mon 08-Aug-11 08:22:41

Sorry I meant that ExP and I have been separated for 3 months grin. Up until now DD was really difficult coming back but she is still in a great mood smile.

I am so happy, I really hope it last

itsnotpossibleisit Mon 08-Aug-11 21:13:49

And it is lasting. So happy!!!!!!

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