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been alone

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giigii Sun 07-Aug-11 00:51:58

hey feeling low so feel the need for a rant just sometimes i hate beeing on my own although i love my dd to bits and she means everything to me when she goes to bed the lonliness just kicks in and it gets me down i go out and i meet blokes but most of the time just feels like they only want one thing and thats it i just want to feel wanted sometimes is that to much to ask?

UselessForeskinHiddenSurgeon Sun 07-Aug-11 04:45:39

it's not to much to ask, but it might be a bit much to ask from most fella's. as dolly parton once said, after all, they're just men...

are you still up? i'm guesing not.

WKMum Sun 07-Aug-11 21:03:02

Hi Giigii,

I totally empathise: it's awful being on your own, isn't it?

I have all the same feelings as you: I love my DD but I just feel so alone, like there is a big old life of emptiness ahead of me...

It's good to have a rant sometimes - there are lots of us out there just like you!

Big hug!


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