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What to do with the kids?

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MummyPhus Tue 02-Aug-11 13:39:16

So, summer holidays, sweltering hot, 5 kids, youngest has a broken leg LOL

Last week we went camping on the Isle of Wight (which is where 2yo ds broke his leg - no weight bearing/getting it wet for at least 3 weeks, fracture clinic follow-up tomorrow), so that was that week sorted. I had all sorts of plans involving play parks, swimming when DH is home (Weds and Thurs), soft play, trip to Wicksteed Park on Clubcard tokens...

Now I feel so restricted in what I can do, since youngest son is so restricted and has the worst case of terrible 2s I have ever seen, so if he's not getting his won way, he tantrums. I can deal with this, but he is also trying to do stuff he shouldn't - pull himself up and walk etc...

Kids ages are DS9, DS7 (will be 8 on 29th), DS6, DD5 and DS2 (broken).

The school have set the kids a summer project, which is good in a way, since DD and DS6 are both doing a cross stitch, plus collages, painting etc to do, and the old two boys are doing a holiday diary which they can get on with. We also have Wii, DS, telly etc, but I am fed up with them goggling all day long grin(

The problem with the project with the younger 2 is that they require 1-1 attention, so then the others bug me for when I'm doing stuff with them...

Anyway, and ideas of stuff that will engage them all would be appreciated. On Sunday we went to the local park for a picnic and took a football. Kids were squabbling, but it was quite good...

If you haven't read my other posts, I am also trying to distract them from the fact that daddy moved out 2 weeks ago and hasn't really been in touch with them since. I want the holidays to be great fun, and I am not sure what will happen if I try to do stuff that ds aged 2 would usually join in with but can't...

sigh any ideas for activities?

gillybean2 Tue 02-Aug-11 13:43:22

I bought this after seeing it recommended elsewhere on MN. You may find it keeps the older one's busy for a while.

privatename Tue 02-Aug-11 15:19:33

Hi, sounds like you are having a challenging time,have had a think,here's some ideas...trip to aquarium does your youngest enjoy this sort of thing?) he could sit in his buggy.....ride in an open-top bus (maybe taking some pics for school project/diary)

I'm breaking the day up to make it more structured (we live in a flat with no garden so need to get out plenty) so it goes a bit like this,breakfast then morning activity til lunchtime then afternoon activity till tea-time,we might go for a walk before baths and bed too,i've found this helps as the days are lonnnggggg!!!!!!!!!!!! grin

Really hope things go ok for you,will try to think of some more...

MummyPhus Tue 02-Aug-11 17:36:15

Thanks, much appreciated. We went to another park today and my toddler rolly polly'd down a hill LOL. For fun, obviously. The others played footy and made friends with other kids there....

I do try to break up the day, but it tends to be Wii/DS/computer in the morning whilst I do sewing with younger ones/housework etc, then drag them kicking and screaming to park etc in the afternoon - ungrateful ratfinks LOL x

I am actually enjoying this summer holiday more than any others in the past....

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