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someone give me a slap i'm fed up of feeling sorry for myself..

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StartAllOver Sun 31-Jul-11 12:57:34

well. thats it really. I feel like my whole life is like groundhog day. I'm lonely. I'm ill. I'm pathetic sad

I really am fed up with hating the situation i'm in but i cant see a way out either, at the end of the day my son is healthy and happy so i need to get a grip...any tips??!

spanky2 Sun 31-Jul-11 13:06:43

Depression? Would the citizens advice bureaux (can't spell it) help? I get like this. At the moment thinking about all the poor people in Africa. We are so lucky. You need to ask at your sure start centre or any professionals that can give you advice on how to change the things you are unhappy about, or take one at a time yourself. It's not just about your son being happy, you deserve happiness

bettiboo Mon 01-Aug-11 20:35:40

Hi OP, it gets easier, honest. smile You need to get pro active. Find out about local clubs where other mothers meet. Do a course and get your son into a Surestart centre for a few hours (not sure how old he is). Set up your own group at home - advertise in the local baby clinic or something similar. Do you like to read? Set up a book club in the day for other mothers. I don't know what you like but I'm sure you can think of something. I don't know where you live but you have to get yourself out there and start meeting people. You're a wonderful person and you deserve happiness, love and companionship. You DS will give you the love bit and there's lots of people out there feeling the same as you - I promise. What else do you like to do? What goes on locally? Take a walk to the local community centre etc and check out the walls for classes or put your own ad up for a meet up at the local coffee shop. Go on... grin

gillybean2 Tue 02-Aug-11 01:50:04

Be kind to yourself. You are doing a brilliant job, your ds is happy and healthy.
Take one day at a time and don't give yourself too many challanges that you will fail to meet. Give yourself some small challanges, write a list and cross them off as you do them. Even if it is just getting out for a walk or making time to put your feet up with a magazine and cup of coffee for quarter of an hour.
It can be really hard breaking into the clicky groups at playgroup/school. So find something you enjoy and see if you can meet people that way. Even if it's just going to the library or doing a pilates/aerobics class. Do you ever get a break which would allow you to do something like that?

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