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What is his problem now?

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balia Sun 17-Jul-11 00:49:26

DD has gone to NZ (waaaaaah!) having worked her socks off for her exams, with precious little support from 'university of life' ex. She did everything she could to make sure she saw him prior to going, but he blew her off at every turn eg was supposed to take her to prom, asked her for petrol money, let her down 24 hours before the event etc etc.

She set up a thing on his wife's phone so he could call/text for free (sorry not very techie) and text him to say she had arrived safely. He hasn't contacted her back, but has phoned me and my elderly parents to complain that she hasn't contacted him. What is that all about? What is he trying to prove? Why am I even surprised any more?

coansha Sun 17-Jul-11 03:31:25

He is just jealous that you have produced a fabulous, independent, intelligent and bloody hard working daughter ON YOU OWN!!
Sadly instead of being super proud and grateful to amazing job you have done he is gutted you did it in spite of him, alone.
WELL DONE, she has done all the rights things and he is just a self centred waster.
I hope she has a blast and enjoys her well deserved trip!!

balia Sun 17-Jul-11 11:37:41

Thank you, you are right, she's a brilliant young woman and he has done everything he can to put her off going eg told her she would be abducted in Singapore airport and gang raped ('it happens all the time') in fact tried to put her off going to college or even working hard for her exams ('you should be out enjoying yourself') because he left school at 15, whereas I went on to university - so DD, by working hard and being really bright, is choosing 'my way' instead of his. I have brainwashed her, apparently.

Ignorant knob.

And breathe. I fel better for that.

coansha Mon 18-Jul-11 13:09:51

WTF, what a complete dick, glad you are both shot of him.
I would not get tired of punching him, your success just emphasises what a arse he has made of his and it is obvious he resents your education.
I am glad for you both he is out of your lives, which is a terrible thing to say but even sadder that its for the best.
I hope she has a fabulous time and well done you too.

blackeyedsusan Mon 18-Jul-11 23:10:36

he's so silly he is funny. poor deluded man.

well done you and well done dd.

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