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SaggyHairyArse Sat 16-Jul-11 13:25:47

My STBXH has kept to his side of the agreement for the past year but now he's got a new lady friend he is cancelling and rearranging (I am sure I mentioned that I am taking the kids away and STBXH has booked a holiday for after we get back rather than taking it when we are away for a whole month).

My eldest worked out the dates and keeps asking "why did he do that?" and my youngest comes back from visits very difficult (screaming and crying about everything he is 4) and then today my daughter has come back and taken her feelings out on me, a punch in the face and pinches, as she says she doesn't like the lady friend or Daddy as she (LF) has taken him away from her (DD) and Daddy always has an angry face when they are there.

It's heartbreaking. Poor kids. FWIW, I ended the marriage, STBXH is a deeply flawed person which I protected the kids from for most of the marriage when possible, they have since had a honeymoon period with him and are now realising for themselves what he is like because I can't cover his arse for him.

Meglet Sat 16-Jul-11 13:29:05


How old are your children? Have you tried mediation to get him to realise he can't mess them about? It must be hurting them terribly.

I truly don't understand why some Dads can't just get on with seeing their DC's when they say they will confused. My XP pissed us about, the pub was his priority.

SaggyHairyArse Sat 16-Jul-11 13:48:05

I haven't tried mediation but I honestly don't think it would change a thing. My ex's priority is his drinking, himself, his business and his drinking. The new woman will be fairly near to the top of the list temporarily.

He is just a selfish pig of a man.

If we went to mediation he would put on the charm and be very agreeable but then in reality if that didn't suit he would do an about turn.

I met a woman in the woods yesterday walking my dog and she was telling me about her marriage breakdown and it was for similar reasons. The manchild that never devloped beyond toddlerhood and has failed to notice the world does not revolve around him.

Oh, and I don't think all men are like that, just a select few. I have a lovely BF now and have friends that have married real diamonds, just I picked a cubic zirconia (a superficial fake).

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