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has anyone been abroard alone with your children?

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needmoremoney Wed 13-Jul-11 14:52:50

I feel really low at the moment, and I really shouldn't I've just booked a holiday! I dithered and wondered for months about doing it alone with my 2 children 8 and 5. I was going to use one of those single parent holiday companys but by the time I got around to it the ones I would be interested in were booked up. So I booked with first choice, one of those splash resorts in Ibiza. I now feel sick with worry, I tried to get my money back as I was panicing, but its too late now, so I have to go. I don't really know what I'm worried about, just can't believe I'm not going away as a happy family and have to do these things alone. Is there anyone here that has done it?

mumblechum2 Wed 13-Jul-11 15:00:24

I'm not a LP but have taken ds away by myself before, just to Disneyland Paris and to Barcelona. Didn't really think twice about it, and we both enjoyed it.

tbh I dont' really know what you're panicking about. The children will love it, they'll make friends, you can laze around by the pool and someone else will make dinner every night.

Have a lovely holiday.

needmoremoney Wed 13-Jul-11 15:03:26

Am I just being a worrier? Just worried if something happens I don't know like what though and the evenings on my own,but will prob just enjoy watching the shows. Have got PMT though that doesn't help. Thanks for your reply mumblechum2

cestlavielife Wed 13-Jul-11 15:15:46

you will be fine!

they will make friends and hopefully you will be able to chat to others too,

are there kids clubs you could get yourself a break even one afternoon ?

mumblechum2 Wed 13-Jul-11 15:17:16

At 8 and 5 I'd pretty much expect the kids to be playing around the pool area with other children all day and leaving you more or less in peace.

VioletV Wed 13-Jul-11 16:11:05

Well done OP. You'll have a great time and think of tan! The kids will make friends and hopefully their parents and you can have a few drinks etc? When are you going?

needmoremoney Wed 13-Jul-11 17:10:38

Thanks guys, needed a little reassurance. There are kids clubs and free entry to the water park right next to it. I go 27th Aug, still worried but you have reassured me.

VioletV Wed 13-Jul-11 17:27:02

Have a great time and stop stressing! You deserve a holiday for being a lone parent! Enjoy it smile

anothermum92 Wed 13-Jul-11 18:32:14

Message withdrawn

youarekidding Wed 13-Jul-11 18:38:34

Yes, and I used First Choice and stayed in a holiday Village in Spain. It was great, DS (6) loved it, lots of adults around with children so never lonely and got a free extra week due to ash cloud grin

Also did Tenerife in a bog standard all inclusive but DS was only 2yo then.

needmoremoney Wed 13-Jul-11 18:46:47

phew glad I'm not the only mad person then!

swallowedAfly Wed 13-Jul-11 18:52:16

Message withdrawn

exoticfruits Wed 13-Jul-11 19:14:39

I have done it-left DH at home because he couldn't come. SwallowedaFly is right-don't build it up.It must be better than home alone. Just think-'restful quality time with DCs, nice weather,no cooking'. Everyone tends to be friendly when away.Not everyone is mum,dad 2.4 DCs. Have a lovely time!

happybubblebrain Wed 13-Jul-11 23:23:03

When my daughter was 1 we went on holiday alone to Crete. We had a really good holiday and met other families there. Since then I've always taken a friend with me because it made sense to have two paying adults and one free child place. But I enjoyed the holiday when it was just the two of us more, so this year we are going on holiday alone again.

Have a great holiday. Don't worry, just enjoy it. You are still going away as a happy family.

makemineapinot Wed 13-Jul-11 23:28:37

I've done it about 6 times now - all camping overseas. Fantastic, can be stressful sometimes but so is life as a single mum!! Found it got much easier once my dc could swim properly, then I felt relaxed enough to chill out by hte pool. Go fo it - in all these years I have only ever had one negative person - think catsbum face, comments about single mums and drawing her towel closely around her!! but hey, I had so many people round my table on our pitch every evening having a drink and a laugh - if she and her husband wanted compnay they had to join the... single mum!! It's liberating but don't expect may cultural tours!!! smile

DollyTwat Wed 13-Jul-11 23:31:42

I did it when my dc's were 4 and 7 to Portugal
I booked a nanny there for a few days which wasn't expensive and we had a lOvely time. However, the airport was hard work with two dcs, and the evenings were a bit lonely.

I've waited to do it again as dc2 is now 6 and can read etc so the airport bit should be easier next time! I'd go somewhere with more kids next time too and hopefully people for me to talk to!

So yes the airport bit needs planning, activities and games (ds etc) and your transport to your hotel. Have a clear plan as to how you will do things. Hire a local nanny if you can, just to help with things like being on the beach and only one child wants to swim, that kind of thing.

If you're anything like me (control freak) once you have it all planned you'll be fine. Have a fab time!

pumpkincarver Wed 13-Jul-11 23:50:05

I'm in exactly the same situation as you. A bit nervous going away for ten nights with DC. I won't be drinking as they're quite full of beans I need to stay sober to make sure I don't lose them. That's the thing about being a single parent on holiday- you are a bit on your gard because you are a bit more vulnerable compared to someone who's got a partner with them to help.
I tried to book with single parents sites, but they are very expensive compared to "normal" family holidays.
Anyhow, good luck to us both!!

needmoremoney Thu 14-Jul-11 09:28:30

Hey good luck pumkincarver, and everyone going for it! I feel a bit better now reading your comments, the thing I have in my favour is my two get on really well and can both swim pretty well, any younger may be a bit difficult. I did it through travel agents and transfer time only 10 mins, it is a good resort for children and right on the beach. I think I probably will be quite stressed at the airport but once there will start to relax a bit. Hey if anyone wants to join us though do let me know ! x

TheSecondComing Thu 14-Jul-11 09:39:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

maristella Thu 14-Jul-11 22:13:29

I've taken DS abroad quite a few times and we loved it every time smile

The best times were with holiday companies, as a lot of the hassle is taken out of it. The most stressful was when we hired a car abroad, and I had to drive for about 4 hours (abroad for the first time!) with DS chatting about power rangers The Whole Time confused

Travelling abroad with a company means you are always with people if you want to be, and so much entertainment and activities are provided.

Best of all it boosted my confidence enormously with each trip smile

Just make sure you have your travel insurance sorted and documents with you, meds (not in hand luggage) and know exactly where to find your rep and you will have your bases covered. I also left copies of travel insurance documents and phone numbers with my parents, together with all travel and accommodation details.

Don;t be shy asking a friendly woman (or man!) to put suncream on your back; shyness could lead to sunburn grin

Have a fabulous time, you deserve it smile

exoticfruits Thu 14-Jul-11 22:33:42

I found the most worrying thing was being alone with the responsibility but, as maristella says, you have the tour rep and it gives peace of mind to have someone to turn to.

romomum Thu 14-Jul-11 22:53:37

Excellent good for you! go! enjoy yourself, i did my first holiday abroad just myself and my daughter in 2004 to cyprus, we had a great time!! however day before we were due to fly back, she came out with chicken pox!! so we hd to stay an extra week!! thankfully i had travel insurance!!
have a fab time!!xx

elastamum Fri 15-Jul-11 11:11:11

You will be fine!!

Have been all over the world with mine. US last year, did a tour of NY. Skiing in the US and france. Used to be a bit fazed but have got used to it. Though I agree going with a travel company is easier. My west coast ski trip, alone with 2 kids was a challenge even I probably wont do again soon.

Am going away camping with new partner and kids - am more worried about that grin

cuteboots Fri 15-Jul-11 12:51:40

You will be ok. I did a holiday to Majorca and it was lovely. I was a bit apprehensive going on my own with a five year old but I met some really lovely people and would deffo go again .

BerryMojito Fri 15-Jul-11 12:57:25

I've been travelling all over the place on my own with my 3 for the last 10 years. When they were little it was early mornings/nights and lots of reading. All a bit different now they are a bit older (smile). I am often in bed before my oldest and definitely up before all of them!

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