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Please say something to cheer me up.....

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crispyseaweed Wed 06-Jul-11 19:29:51

Am just feeling "in my Well" tonight. I live with my 10 yrs old dS, partner is working away during the week, and 2 grown up kids have left home..
Today my Ex has shown 'high profile' at Ds' school by organizing a show....
Just to put you in the picture, he was violent and abusive towards me , so i have nothing be total utter comtempt towards him.... and I feel, as he has not shown up at school all year, or supported Ds with swim gala and choir every week, its just his 'point scoring' way of trying to be a big fish in a little pond, as it were........
Still feeling pretty shite bout it all. Even the girlfriend turned up........angry

mrscolour Wed 06-Jul-11 19:53:12

He might have put on a show but you are the one who is always there. That is what really matters! DS will know that!

blackeyedsusan Wed 06-Jul-11 19:55:26

you are well out of it. smile with a knowing smile. if everyone knew he was violent they wouldn't think he was mr wonderful. if anyone compliments him to you, make no comittal noises... implying if you knew what I knew sort of thing..

SelwynFroggit Wed 06-Jul-11 20:03:28

People notice when they make no effort day to day and then suddenly 'put on a good show' in your ex's case, literally! They hate being ignored so is probably the best way to handle it. As for his girlfriend... Poor cow is obviously still in the honeymoon phase, she will have to find out the hard way what he's like - just like you had to.

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