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NRP is not going to get involved…

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zkate Wed 06-Jul-11 14:48:39

Hi everybody
I’m sorting out child maintenance through the CSA and was told that 15% is the maximum that they can demand from NRP (my ex-partner) regardless of the fact that he has no contact with the child at all. in fact he left when I found out that I was pregnant (after 3 years living together) and have not spend a penny on child needs to the moment (the baby is 3 months old now and he hasn't seen her) not to mention that all other expenses like rent and utilities etc were all on me.
He is not going to be involved at all and he is very clear about it. What do you say? Is it worth taking it to the court?

He is also hiding his income from so called dividends from his ltd so I have already asked for variation from CSA and I did mention the above but I have not heard from them just yet.
Need some general advice from you girls…


sunshineandbooks Wed 06-Jul-11 15:04:34

First off, I'm sorry that your XP has run out on you. That's hurtful and must have left you feeling very alone. WEll done for coping by yourself through your pregnancy and the birth.

The CSA is right. You cannot claim more than 15% of his income. Whether or not 15% is fair is open to debate, but maintenance is there to support the child, not punish the NRP. I appreciate that you have spent much more on your child and will continue to do so than can ever be 'repaid' through maintenance however. I think you are right to challenge him if he is hiding income through dividends though and I wish you luck with that.

Sadly, no amount of maintenance can make up for an uncaring uninvolved NRP. sad

sellotapehasmanyuses Wed 06-Jul-11 15:32:21

sunshine is right. The CSA can only order him to pay more if they can prove that his income is actually higher than he says, and his contact with the child is irrelevant. Do pursue the issue with the dividends, though I know from feedback from other LPs that the CSA aren't terribly helpful in that kind of situation.

I also have had no contact with DS's father since he was born, so I understand how difficult it is to go through pg and birth alone. DS is 13 now and in many ways I'm actually glad that we got a clean break and don't have to cope with the mess of complex contact situations etc. My son is a happy and secure boy and I think he would have suffered more to be messed around with an inconsistent bio father than to not have contact at all. It's also made things much simpler when establishing my own relationships with a man.

Make sure that you're claiming everything you're entitled to financially. I have never received any maintenance for DS but we have managed pretty well without it.

zkate Wed 06-Jul-11 15:38:51

Thanks for your reply! I’ve got wonderful friends and family that have and continue to support me. I will never be able to repay them for their kindness to me.
I was asking about more money not to punish the ex (may God have mercy on his soul) but to make sure that they are spent on holidays and nicer/more presents and to be able to live a slightly better life. When living together these expenses are shared 50x50…. She starts at the nursery in 2 months time and only that costs about £1000 a month.

Anyway… I’m working full time (worked till the birth returned to work after 8 weeks) and make just enough to provide for my baby and don’t go on any sort of benefits etc. I just wanted to make sure that my baby gets what is hers by law.

You are so right that no money is enough to replace missing parent sad

zkate Wed 06-Jul-11 15:45:31


Totally agree on clean break up and TBH I don’t really want this bio-idiot to mess around with my girl’s life but she suffers already from not been able to stay with her mummy longer at home or go to see her family abroad and this is only the beginning...
After its’ all settled with the nursery and CSA my next task I to find a new good daddy LOL smile

Thanks for all kind words! x

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