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I'm on hb, how many nights can boyfriend stay over??

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poopeeplops Mon 04-Jul-11 19:18:28

Hey I have Been seeing my new boyfriend for about 3mths and he doesn't contribute anything towards the flat but I'm concerned how many nights he can stay over? Does anyone have any info on this please

NettoSuperstar Mon 04-Jul-11 19:21:48

Is it just HB you are claiming?

Anyway, I believe, that there are no actual rules with any benefits and partners staying over, but, if it appears they are living there, you may run into problems, even if they are not contributing financially.

poopeeplops Mon 04-Jul-11 19:23:59

I'm on income support, tax credits, housing benefits, do you know who I should speak to to defo find out?

PinkCarBlueCar Mon 04-Jul-11 19:59:10

what Netto said - there's no hard and fast "rules" - remember that benefits fraud departments see people who are together yet do all they can to appear that they're not together all the time ...

It's more about the balance of probabilities on a range of indicators. I would suggest that whenever feasible, you stay over at his too, if only because it shows that whilst you're in a relationship, he isn't at yours all the time.

And if anyone says "two nights a week", that's a myth.

For example - there was someone who posted on this part of MN where her partner works away 5 to 6 days out of 7. Are they any less together because his work keeps him away from their home?

Maelstrom Tue 05-Jul-11 01:15:35

Does he keep stuff in your house? (from a computer to a tootbrush)
Cooks for you or you for him?
Does he has another house?
Does he contribute to the expenses?
Does he takes responsibility for child care?
Does he has a pattern on his stays?

Those are the questions you may be asked. Having said that, you are more likely to be called by benefit fraud because you re still receiving the post of a former occupier of your house than for having someone visit from time to time.

But I think the crux of the matter is... can you survive without all that financial support? If the support ceases, will he put his hand in his pocket to support you? If not, perhaps not a good idea to risk it..

thesunshinesbrightly Tue 05-Jul-11 02:17:52

Nope, i got told by a officer that it is not the case they are not allowed to stay there at all and if they do even for one night you have to tell them. There are rules.

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