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bad contact

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ozzywiz Sun 03-Jul-11 23:03:26

I have RP to 5 (4g 1b) under age of 10.

Contact is a nightmare, ex has them on sunday days and wednesday from school till 7. I have to collect kids from contact.

Petty things like, I have got the 2 year old out of dummies but when on contact is given a dummy although Ive said many times not too. .
also when collected from school they come back an absolute mess like its been done on purpose with tomatoe sauce all over their white t shirts etc. . .

But today was sons birthday so had contact from 10-3 . . . he came back with no presents and not even a card. . when I asked him he said he did get small presents but had to leave them their to play with their. . is this the norm ? . . he came back from contact in tears, crying cause he couldnt bring no presents home.

cestlavielife Sun 03-Jul-11 23:40:31

dont send them in white tee shirts.... 5 kids = mess... or aprons to wear when eating?

dumies - tricky one but if child ok without the rest of time then might be battle not worth fighting.

the brithday -well is ok to keep presents at dad's place but depends if part of a pttern of upsetting the DC?

gillybean2 Sun 03-Jul-11 23:51:59

I'm guessing the white shirts are school shirts so not much choice there if being picked up from school...

Just make sure they always have the same off white shirt for the days they go to contact from school.

And yes it is quite common for some NRP to insist that they keep the toys they buy for their dc at their house. Presumably your ds had some presents at your house too? Distract him with those, or keep one present aside in future to have for when they get back from contact.

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