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LP days out and holiday website

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MariaMaria1984 Sat 25-Jun-11 22:47:04

Hi guys, I remember some time back, when I was a LP newbie, someone directed me to a site for single parents, where you can do adventure days like climbing, hiking etc, and I think they arranged trips away too. Quite liked the idea of the adventure days...does anyone have any ideas what website this might have been?? sorry if its a bit vague!


corlan Sat 25-Jun-11 23:32:35

Was it this one?

WillIEverBeASizeTen Sun 26-Jun-11 09:37:33

I am trying to think what it is called, a lady on here nickname lottysmum sent me an email with the link and I can't for the life of me find it...I'll keep looking..

WillIEverBeASizeTen Sun 26-Jun-11 09:40:44

Ok, just found it (if it is the one) it's a closed website you have to sign up etc.. hope this helps...

MariaMaria1984 Sun 26-Jun-11 20:49:14

Thanks guys. Nope, neither of these are the ones I was looking for, will still take a look though, as it is always worth knowing!


qwertysue Sun 03-Jul-11 22:40:48

was it gingerbread??

gillybean2 Sun 03-Jul-11 23:47:04

Was it just for you or for the dc as well? If it was just for you it might have been spice?

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