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School Frigging Uniform

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Amieesmum Fri 24-Jun-11 16:36:18

DD goes up to Junior school next year, and as per needs the works when it comes to uniform again. This year most of it will have to be bought from the school.

Received the letter today - and the things they want me to pay for (by next friday) are stupidly expensive! I just can't believe it. Although i can afford this, it just makes me wonder, how many of the parents on a tight budget will struggle to get the money together at such short notice!

List as follows!

Jumpers/Cardigans - £14.50 (each)
Polo Shirts - £9
Pe Kit (Joggers, Shorts, T-shirt - Jumper, bag) - £32.00
Swimming Kit (costume, Hat & Bag) - £13
School Book back/ Satchel - £6
Homework books - £5
Jackets - £17

Swimming Lessons (per term) - £19
Instrument lessons (per term) - £60

Then all the things i have to buy else where,
Pencil case + contents
Lunch box
Drinks bottle
Swimming Towel

I know you can buy these things from other places, but the school make a point on "pride in appearance, and prefer them to wear school branded uniform"

What a bloody Joke! Not to mention the break time tuck shop, and the annual school camping trip, it seems becoming a junior is going to cost us a fortune!!

Reality Fri 24-Jun-11 16:39:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

balia Fri 24-Jun-11 19:15:51

My DS's school helpfully sent me all the info from the company that supplies their school uniform. The 'starter kit' was £89. And at the time, he was 3 years old, just about to start in Nursery.

I don't think parents should buy them on principle. Tescos stuff is perfectly adequate and if the school want the school logo on any items they can supply it as a cloth badge type thing, like they do area colours or swim badges.

Danthe4th Fri 24-Jun-11 19:20:59

Just buy 1 of everything with the badge on and then cheap plain stuff from elsewhere. Then when its school trips or the photos send him in the branded stuff.Ask the school pta if they do second hand sales.

Amieesmum Fri 24-Jun-11 19:33:43

I have full intentions of buying most of it on the cheap in M&S and just getting one of each of the bits, Still blooming ridiculous amounts to pay though! Just annoys me that they give us such little notice to sort it all out!

mummytime Fri 24-Jun-11 19:34:14

I would write a letter of complaint, including information from the likes of the Sutton trust. (Actually if my kids juniors did this I would do it, even though we can afford it.)
Get the Tesco/Sainsbury's stuff, or see if the school does a second hand sale. When I ran the uniform shop for a while I was surprised that all the "rich" mums bought the minimum and most second hand, the lone parent Mums often bought far more new. one news story that might help

HappyMummyOfOne Sat 25-Jun-11 11:00:35

Given every parent will know what year their child is in and knew juniors was next, there is more than enough time to save if needed for uniform so nothing is sprung on them. M&S do things very cheap so most can be bought elsewhere.

School uniform and trips are a known part of the costs of having children.

plinkduet Sat 25-Jun-11 11:37:14

'School uniform and trips are a known part of the costs of having children'

Not to me they aren't! My eldest starts infant school this september and I just assumed the generic gingham summer dresses were suitable bought from Tescos £6 for two, but apparently they will require school logo branded sweatshirts, cardigans, polo tops and a bookbag.

Fortunately my daughter has a cousin only a year old at the same school so some of his unform could be passed down, but whilst there is a secondhand uniform stall once a year within the school hall, the prices are still not cheap - 'village inflation'!

It's all new to me, does anyone know if they do school trips, etc at infant school level??

gillybean2 Sat 25-Jun-11 13:33:45

plinkduet the gingham dress is fine. But if your dd feels the cold you might want to get a cardigan too, which will last all year. The dress won't be suitable all year round though so you may simply want to get the pinafore dress or a skirt instead that can be worn year round.

You don't need more than 1 cardigan or jumper. My ds only ever had one and if he ever came out without it he went back in to find it. Those who could afford more than 1 regularly lost uniform as they weren't too bothered about insisting their dc came home with it and it could wait to be found...
The fabri they are made of dies very quickly so you can wash and dry it overnight easily if necessary.

OP are the polo shirts a strange colour (purple I've seen at scome schools)? If not and they are white or pale blue then you can get that anywhere too. When they have their jumper on you can't see the logo anyhow!

I would question requiring a school PE kit. You may find that while they offer it most parents don't buy the school one.
Same with swim stuff. Unless your school has it's own pool you'll find that swimming lessons are probably not provided for every year. So check that before you fork out.

I'm sure you already have some of the items you mention - drinks bottle and pencil case... If not these are the kind of items that Santa provides in xmas stockings (at least he does in this house!)

Swimming and music lessons aren't compulsory. If you can't afford them on your income your dc will survive. It's your choice to pay for these as they are extra/luxuries.
However if you ask school you may find they can offer advice on obtaining funding or reduced costs for these things, but they only tell you if you ask usually. You will have to meet certain requirements in terms of low income or benefits you receive though.

School uniform needs buying every year. It shouldn't come as a surprise and I suggest you put a little away each week to pay for it or buy items throughout the year.

Amieesmum Sat 25-Jun-11 15:20:34

I Should just reiterate i do have the money to buy all of these, it's expensive but hey ho, it's just one of these things that has to be accomadated for.
Was just a little annoyed at the short notice, For the infant school we got a bit more time to order before the end of term. I'd really like DD to have the chance to learn to play an instrument (violin is her choice) and i don't think the price is too unreasonable, again i'm just cross with the short notice.
The swimming lessons in truth will probably save me money, as I currently pay out 70 per term for them privatly.

They regularly do PE down at the local sports centre with other schools, hence why it has to be branded, and the same as with swimming (it's weekly and with other schools)

I think we do have pencil case's etc etc, but i do like to by new ones each year, as it starts looking a bit tatty after a years use, i know it's snobbish but i do like DD to have nice things, she seems to respect the belongings she's fond of more if you see what i mean?

Our shirts are a kind of pastle greenish, and have to be proper polo shirts, i'd normally buy about 3 or 4 of these. Fussy sods! I always buy one cardie for september and them buy another one after christmas, as the colour seems to fade out of them, and they lose their softness too (darker green)

As far as i'm aware i'm not entitled to any help with uniform/club costs, I think you have to be on benefits for that.

runningonmt Wed 29-Jun-11 12:46:53

I think (and i am no expert) that they cannot make you buy school branded stuff (most schools get a kick back from the supplier to go into school funds).

I would buy one of each of the most basic stuff for the first few days / week then pay attention at the school gates how many kids actually arrive in the "branded stuff" particularly the more established kids (not just the new starters). If the kids are all in the branded stuff you may need to bite the bullet and splash out as your DC will probably not want to look "different" , if they arnt you have potentially saved yourself a small fortune.

Last year I spent an absolute fortune on a new school uniform for my DS who was moving to a private school (long story he has special needs, mainstream wasnt working and needs were not great enough to demand a special school). I bought it on the basis that I may last upto three years - 1st year a bit too big, 2nd year just right,3rd year a bit snug). He has been "asked to leave" after 9 months so I have now got to fork out for a whole new uniform for the new school in September !!!! Gutted ! angry

Funny thing is three weeks ago (he leaves this friday) they suggested I may wish to purchase the new cricket whites even though they knew he was leaving - for three bl**dy weeks 'I really dont think so!'

colditz Wed 29-Jun-11 12:49:02

they can prefer their own damned arses. They cannot make you buy their brands, and they cannot deny your child an equal education because of what he/she is wearing

BibiThree Wed 29-Jun-11 12:53:59

I don't think uniforms are enforcible at primary level are they? Either way, as long as your child is suitable dressed, in school colours and as close to the uniform as you can afford, then stick with that.

balia Wed 29-Jun-11 21:50:48

There is no research that shows any link between uniform and academic achievement, BTW. Just saying.

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