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Outrageous behaviour or outrageously childish?

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Lovemelillady Sun 05-Jun-11 20:20:41

dd came home today, she was filthy, dirty clothes, gruft under nails, sodden wet to the chest and down her legs, she was fairly despondant of me and looked away from me when I first saw her, she almost bit my hand off for a custard cream and a drink when she got home. But at least she's home with me!

Anyway, to get to the point. xp was meant to pick her up and drop her off. What he did was sent his dad to pick her up whilst he hid in the local shop and he didnt even show when he dropped her off this afternoon he sent his mum, didn't bother asking where he was. No notification of this, no reasons why? Also, I have attempted some communication over the weekend asking if she'd slept usual stuff, I got 1, sometimes 2 word answers. But a few months back I got a verbal bollocking for not telling him every new development in her life. When he did tell me she had slept it was totally out of her usual routine and would never happen when she was with me.

AIBU to want to know who was picking my dd up? I'm so confused I don't know what to think of it. TBH I don't mind not seeing him, would have been nice to have been told though as I would have felt more at ease with the whole situation if I could have seen dd with him after so long, and her reaction.

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