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I feel so fed up :(

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Lovemelillady Wed 01-Jun-11 21:20:06

DD is going to her dad's tomorrow for the 1st time in 3ish months, I'm gutted, but I know she has to go. Just feel so pap about everything.

Still no job, after a year of applications, numerous cv tweaks, 1 interview and about 250/300 Dear Miss, on this occassion you have not been successful. I hate being skint, I hate having to live with my folks and I hate not working and I'm starting to think I'll be single forever.

Sorry for the boring rant, just needed to write it out and realise what a sad case I am!!

suburbophobe Thu 02-Jun-11 19:08:56

You are not a sad case! Just going through a difficult time at the moment.

Take this break from your DD to pamper yourself, even if it is just reading a book, go swimming, to the cinema, for a walk, whatever takes your fancy.

We do a helluva job as a single parent and it's really important to factor in some me time, whenever you can grab it!

Don't give up, I know looking for a job is a b*atch, but one day something will shift and turn up! Oh, and see those interviews as training! Even having a foot in the door keeps you on the ball....

All the best!

Gster Thu 02-Jun-11 21:01:30

We all get low points in our lives, but you know, sometimes it can all turn around quite unexpectedly.

Try and be positive. I know that sounds useless when you're feeling shite about things, but it's important.

Maybe tomorrow is tge day when everthing changes.


jamestkirk Thu 02-Jun-11 21:16:43

yep - look on the bright side - you have a dd, somewhere secure to live (arghh - with the parents, i'd go mad lol), the actual desire to work - which itself is a good thing. and dd has a dad that wants to see her - tho 3 months? hope he's got a damn good excuse!

oh, was watching grand designs earlier and the bloke on there said 'you havent failed until you stop' {trying}

good luck with the job huntinggrin

Lovemelillady Fri 03-Jun-11 14:05:00

I do look on the brightside. Unfortuntely that brightside is my dd as shes the only good thing in my life at the mo, so when she's not here it feels so empty.

To make things worse xp is causing all sorts of demands and basically being a royal bellend. Going as extreme as not even coming to the house yesterday to pick up dd, he sent his mother and hid in the shop. What sort of idiot does that after 3 months.

He's so demanding and manipulating I could sit and cry. He stresses me out when he doesnt have dd and then consistently batters me down when he does. I hate this life. If it wasn't for dd, I don't even think I'd bother with it.

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