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long term issues could do with a bit of support from other lone parents who have nrp not in the picture in kids life

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ladyGeraldine Mon 30-May-11 18:13:38

Hi, I am new to this board and was wondering if anyone was around to chat to who is in same boat and understands. I am her and have two girls 11 + 13.

ladyGeraldine Mon 30-May-11 18:15:14

Darn predictive text on my phone, I am ger.

gillybean2 Mon 30-May-11 20:03:50

Lots of us I'm sure. What's on your mind?

I have a ds (12), his dad decided not to be in the picture while I was pregnant and refused again when I said ds was asking about him 5 years ago. His loss.
Unfortunately it affects ds too, but I'd rather deal with that then have to explain the role model that is his father influencing his life.

Not sure what ger is? Is that another predictive typo?

ladyGeraldine Mon 30-May-11 20:30:18

Ger short version of name. Sorry your ds dad not wanting to be in his life. Just over four years ago exh left, it was sudden and unexpected. Was ok to begin with the abuse got very bad and when he moved in with ow and involved solicitors it was dreadful, was horrible till two years ago, it damaged me and kids. He got caught out lying in court so withdrew from contact hearing and kids. I had physical health problems diagnosed four months before he left, he met her same time, he was horrible before leaving saying depressed and stressed due to work. Kids got diagnosed thurs, first thing sat he said he was going and I was what was making him unhappy, he left following weekend. He has gone out of his way to damage me to this day, was in court recently and he is still lying etc, divorce messed and hearings bumped so divorced before finances finalised. My health bad and had a crash so struggle with kids. Youngest had issues from young age before he left which are being looked into again.

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