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Interested in house-sharing with other lone parents

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Nubie Sat 28-May-11 08:12:07

Hi, this is my first post on mum's net. I am a 41 year old who is finally getting to grips with technology! Not too sure what all the terms mean though such as DH or DC? I am a single mum to an 8 year old. I live in the east midlands and am thinking about house-sharing as a way of making life easier in so many ways, financially, practical support, etc.....but am aware that there will be con's as well as pro's. Has anyone had any expereince of this and any advice, and is anyone interested?I would like to stay fairly local......if possible stay rural......

crispyseaweed Sun 05-Jun-11 20:43:44

DH = Darling/dearest husband
DC = darling/dearest children
Hi there, I am a kind of single mum to a 10 yr olds.
Boyfriend works 80 miles away in the week, only here at weekends now.
Your idea sounds good. However, I live in Wiltshire, so mils away.
Have had no experience of this.
I imagine the pros of you can organise who babysits when etc.
Cons i guess woulkd arise too, but financially its sounds good.
Hope you find someone in the Midlands..

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