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40+ Lone parents

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WillIEverBeASizeTen Fri 18-Mar-11 19:42:29

I'm 49 and a lone parent (13yo and 20yo) am I in the minority on Mumsnet? It appears alot of the LP's here are a lot younger!

<feels ancient>

boosmummie Sat 19-Mar-11 00:54:51

Just a tad Jelly! I was home and dry with the older ones.... And now I've got to go through all that playground shit again! Wouldn't swap her for the world though, and it's so very different having just the one small one on her own while the bigger ones are almost adults (I had 3 under 3...MADNESS).

I'm actually abroad, so RL support isn't so great, but I'm moving back to London In October where I have lots. And MN has been wonderful, I have 'met' some fantastic people (and some idiots too...).

Thank you for your words, they are so warm to hear x

boosmummie Sat 19-Mar-11 01:16:22

Just read your previous post Joely - with my DS I found out at 24 weeks as nothing had changed - i.e. periods like clockwork! HOwever, he arrived at 28 weeks - shortest bloody pregnancy ever!!!!!

Right ladies, I must away to bed as it's now 2:15am and whilst my DD3 is a most amenable child, she will be waking in about 7½ hours and that's too soon for my comfort and sanity.....

I will be back tomorrow.

Joely, I've PM'd you back x

Joelybear Sat 19-Mar-11 01:51:10

I too must wind my way to bed as early risers now sunshine is here in the mornings - unless i'm lucky and its raining so dark clouds and no sunshine,
Speak tomorrow x

kayah Sat 19-Mar-11 02:15:57

44 here with dd 13 and ds 11

we need all the support we can get

Joelybear Sat 19-Mar-11 02:22:26

Kayah, good to see you here, theres plenty of support here for us all x

TwoIfBySea Sat 19-Mar-11 02:25:26

I'll come back in December when I hit the 4-0.

I've dts age 9 and have acknowledged the fact that I'll be forever alone.

marcopront Sat 19-Mar-11 03:43:12

43 with a 4 year old.

I've also been asked if I'm the grandma.

UnlikelyAmazonian Sat 19-Mar-11 04:38:08

47 here with a three year old ds. I love it!

mathanxiety Sat 19-Mar-11 04:55:35

46 here, 5 DCs aged 20, 17, 15, 12 and 9.

And one big overgrown brattish exH who is more trouble than the rest combined and always was.

Lovely idea for a thread OP and hello to all.

lilacisinlove Sat 19-Mar-11 08:50:35

42 (for another ten days, anyway) and have DDs 13 and 11. DD1 is away at boarding school all week so it's a bit like having one child in term time.

At least I don't get asked if I'm their grandma, usually it's the opposite. DD1 is my height already and a bit heavier than me so seems very grown up at times.

I'd rather be a 40-something lone parent than a 20-something...I'm quite senior at work, have a good income, a huge mortgage, my own house and car and we manage just fine. Even ten years ago things would have been very different. I'd hate to be relying on exH to support me financially, although the child support he pays is a necessity not just pocket money!

boosmummie Sat 19-Mar-11 08:59:57

Good morning all,

Lilac Yup - being a LP at 40 is a whole heap better than in my twenties, absolutely from experience!!

Beautiful day where I am, hope you all have sunshine too. Makes everything a lot better methinks!

brew anyone?

WomanOfMassDestruction Sat 19-Mar-11 09:03:17

<waves at boos>

45 here with DD(3). Never thought I'd be a parent and it's a lot tougher than I envisaged!

boosmummie Sat 19-Mar-11 09:05:46

<<waving back>> You beat me to it, was going to give you a shout this morning!

More brew....

WomanOfMassDestruction Sat 19-Mar-11 09:07:50

Lots more brew please!

MollieO Sat 19-Mar-11 09:09:31

45 with 6 yr old Ds. Rather wish I'd been a teenage mum!

WomanOfMassDestruction Sat 19-Mar-11 09:11:18

This thread is really supportive regardless of single/paired up status. It's saved my sanity a couple of times (and that's no mean feat some days)...

boosmummie Sat 19-Mar-11 09:16:47

Trust me MollieO, it's much better being older. I wasn't quite a teenager, but I was a smidgeon over 23 with DD1, and gosh I look back now and think how damn young it was. Honest grin

How are you anyway MollieO - staying clear of the second BS thread I sincerely hope......The yous and mes on there were fighting a battle with people that will never remove their fingers from their ears....

boosmummie Sat 19-Mar-11 09:18:02

If there was a like button WOMD and an agree heartedly one I'd be repeat pressing them!

stucktothesofa Sat 19-Mar-11 09:25:10

44 here with a DD14 and have been a lone parent since she was born.God how I wish I'd had mumsnet when she was a baby and I had no idea what I was doing! Plus a toxic exP thrown in. Now, whenever I have a query, whether it's parenting, finances, school, work etc I just come straight on here. I don't even bother googling it! Even DD will say "Just ask on Mumsnet" smile

boosmummie Sat 19-Mar-11 09:34:09

Morning Stuck - Yep, I too could have done with MN when my big DCs were small. Why oh why didn't I think of it... grin

MollieO Sat 19-Mar-11 09:42:49

boosmummie I need to stop getting sucked into threads that annoy me!

When I had Ds there were a few teenage mums in the maternity ward. The midwives said they would probably cope better than me as their mothers would be looking after their babies!

WomanOfMassDestruction Sat 19-Mar-11 09:45:47

Mollie - nice! That must have made you feel really good...

I do sometimes feel like some sort of aged crone on here. Some of the threads just make me roll my eyes and I almost immediately want to ask "how old are you?" but I don't bother any more - just read, tsk and move on. <impatient old lady emoticon>

DollyTwat Sat 19-Mar-11 09:50:12

I'm 42 with two boys 6 & 9
I Only feel a bit old when I can't dance in a club
All the youngsters dance like in x factor now!
Life got alot easier Once ds2 reached 6, less tantrums and he can do more for himself. I can even get on with an afternoon of gardening without having to entertain them
(that bit made me sound a bit old tho!)

boosmummie Sat 19-Mar-11 09:50:56

If I catch you there again.....Equally frogmarch me off. I couldn't resist last night, but it was after a run of very amusing posts from people who gave me support after you know what!! As I said on there to you, I'm very excited for your DS and I look forward to hearing how he gets on down the line. As Lucy said - I think he can only love it!

I think that answers you really - their mums would be doing it for them (although they were probably younger than us themselves.....)

boosmummie Sat 19-Mar-11 09:52:38

grin at Dolly - and love the name too!

s'alright WOMD I regularly need <impatient old lady emoticon>

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