where does CSA money go?

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lastresort Wed 19-Jan-11 21:40:17

when CSA take money from your wages who does the money go to and does the recipient get full amount taken from your account, IYSWIM?

Niceguy2 Thu 20-Jan-11 05:25:03

Yes they do. Once upon a time if you were on benefits virtually all of it went to the state.

But now it goes to the main cater.

However, new govt proposals will mean they will take a cut in future.

Totally crazy idea if you ask me but there you go.

Anngeree Sat 22-Jan-11 00:12:03

Yes atm full amount goes to parent with residence without it affecting any benefits but new govt are currently consulting people on the idea of charging absent parent a further 20% on top of what they already pay just for making their ex use the servise and they are thinking of taking btw 7-12% off resisident parent, however if you come to your own arrangement you won't be charged. They also want to charge people for applying to get maintenance through them £100 for pple who work and £50 for pple on benefits which could be paid in installments it doesn't seem fairhmm

If you want to add your thought look up child maintenance consultation and e-mail your thoughts to them.

goingroundthebend4 Sun 23-Jan-11 07:36:04

hmm the £12 a month it goes straight to me

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