Child Passport help please!

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veritythebrave Sat 15-Jan-11 14:01:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Jellykat Sat 15-Jan-11 14:53:21

I know i put in my passport number, even tho' it had expired, they'll still have the details on record.
You still have to put in fathers details as he would have parental responsibility.They also need to check there's no illegal immigrant situation going on either..
Sorry i don't know about the other bits -Is there a phone number you can call to ask?

TheVisitor Sat 15-Jan-11 14:54:59

You only need to put the name you're known by or that on your old passport. Doesn't matter if yours has expired. Dad's details do need to go on. Ring their info line, they're really helpful.

HaveToWearHeels Sat 15-Jan-11 15:01:12

My DD has a different surname to me, I didn't explain anything. I am sure in this day and age it is quite normal for children to have a different surname.

veritythebrave Sat 15-Jan-11 15:25:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

oldraver Mon 17-Jan-11 23:58:37

Is your DD's father on her BC ? If so I would add his details, though they dont have to go on With regard to your expired passport.. it doesnt matter. What the Passport Office are trying to assertain is that your DD has a right to a British Passport and this is gained through her parents (and sometimes GP's)

IME the Passport Office helpline isnt always that helpfull. They use a call centre in India who dont seem to understand the concept of single parentdom hmm

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